UNHINGED! The REAL Reason for Jamie Dimon’s Bitcoin-Induced Meltdown!

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Jamie Dimon Declares Bitcoin to be his New BFF!


Just kidding.  Dimon came unhinged about the major cryptos over the past 48 hours, in order to pull a bid from them, and it seems JP Morgan Chase is now doubling down on slandering all things bitcoin.

We cover that in this Clarion Call, and explain:

His precise words about Bitcoin

Why what he’s saying is utter projection, about his own guilt in massive fraud

Which fraud JP Morgan Chase is still involved with…and the astounding figure of legal penalties paid for it!

The hidden tell that JPM and world governments are terrified that cryptos will make their debt/usury system a dinosaur

The real reason bitcoin keeps Jamie Dimon up at night, and why there’s nothing he can do to stop it.


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