The Highly Amusing Western Strategy to Undermine Russia

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Western Bankers vs. Eastern Alliance

We’ve already taken a close look at the battle lines being drawn between East and West, between NATO and the SCO, between D.C/Brussels and the BRICS.  Not only are these lines not going away, they are being reinforced with each passing day.  The tension has grown worse, not better. It’s obvious why all of this is happening, too.  We know that D.C. is desperate to keep its dollar as the world reserve currency, and that their current strategy in doing so is to tighten all the right screws, so that the new would-be challengers all cry “Uncle!”, and simply bow to their rightful masters at the Pentagon and the CIA.

There’s only one problem: the Russian bear is still standing, and appears ready for 10 more rounds!

With each passing day however, it becomes more apparent to all that the key BRICS nations(especially Russia, China, and India) are simply not going to “cry” anything.  They’re in this to the end, together.  No one has budged in the East, despite the most hellish sanction firebombing that D.C. has brought down on any nation in quite some time.

Most of the shield brothers here, know who the target that of that firebombing is.  That’s right: Russia is in the crosshairs of D.C. and NATO.  They’ve been told by the President, that there would be “costs” for acting out a different script than the one D.C. gives them.  They’ve been told, in no uncertain terms, by the globalist minions, that they must abandon their dream of a new multi-polar, non-dollar-denominated world, and accept D.C.’s rightful role as emperor of the earth.

What has this strategy wrought for the past 2 years?  Well let’s listen in at a private meeting between Cameron, Obama, and Putin that took place not so long ago, and hear them tell it in their own words:

Obama: Thank you for taking the time to meet with us, President Putin.  As you know, the differences between our countries’ governments are serious, and we wanted to lay it all on the line, so that there’s no misunderstandings whatsoever.

Putin: Alright, sirs, lay it out then.  How does this go down if Russia continues to oppose your Saudi/Qatari natural gas pipeline through Syria, and your petrodollar hegemony?

Cameron: I’ll tell you how it goes down, you little upstart! 

Obama: Whoa, whoa, easy David, easy! There’s no need for that!

Putin: So, good cop, bad cop, is that it?

Obama: Hey, listen here, you, you seriously don’t know who you’re fooling with!

Cameron: Yeah, you’ve no idea!

Obama: Ohhh, you don’t wanna know what we’ve been cooking up for you, Vlad the Bad!  But since you asked, here it is: we’re going to totally botch up a chemical false flag in Syria so horribly, that the world will think 3rd graders hatched it!  Boom!

Cameron: Yes!  In fact, we’re going to do it the very day that U.N. weapon inspectors are in Syria, just so everyone knows it couldn’t possibly have been Assad!

Obama: It will be so disastrous for us, that when David here asks to go to war, he’ll have the dubious honor of becoming the first Prime Minister rejected by his own parliament in 230 years!  

Cameron: We’re talking serious, self-esteem-crushing embarrassment here!  I’ll be crying in the water closet, and I won’t be coming out after this, for days!  Do you hear me, Putin?  Days!!!!!!


Obama: Oh, that’s the best part!  Then Sergey Lavrov, your Foreign Minister?  He’ll outmaneuver and run circles around a pathetic John Kerry!

Cameron: In his jogging shorts, brah!

Obama: John’s gonna look absurd as he lets slip that we’ll settle for peace, when we really wanted war!

Cameron: He’s going to look like a bloody idiot, as he personally paves the way for a successful chemical weapons disarmament deal with your man, Lavrov!  Gift-wrapping a magnanimous-looking victory, in your corner, you ponce!

Obama: Just to crown it with a maraschino cherry, Vladimir, you’re gonna run a victory lap as you write a nuanced, thoughtful rebuttal of our inconsistencies, in our very own New York Times!

Cameron: You’re gonna be a rock star, you twit, as our peoples realize that your government’s policies makes more sense than their own!

Obama: But what’s next will blow your Russian mind! 

Cameron: You’ll completely pull the rug out from under us all, when you sign a treaty with the Ukraine President, Yanukovych, depriving the E.U. and NATO of its newest applicant!

Obama: We won’t let you get away with it though, as we sick our ferocious, little chipmunk of war, upon you: John Mc’freaking’Cain!

Cameron: He’ll be an absolute stand-up comic, as he was in Syria, when he bungled the whole Syria op, while taking selfies with ISIS!

Obama: Then we’ll foment the worst of this uprising during the Sochi Olympics, because we have literally no, and I mean, NO class whatsoever!  Who cares about our athletes, when there are revolutions to foment, right, David?

Cameron: Right you are, Barry, and then we’ll all squirm, as you release a secret recording of Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, proving beyond a shadow of any doubt, that our two governments are plotting to indeed overthrow another democratically-elected official!

Obama: This will hit you right in your sweet spot, Vlad: you’ll then stun us all, as you send legions of Russian tanks and helicopters(in numbers well within the confines of the lawful treaty you signed) immediately deep into Crimea to instantly secure your strategic Black Sea naval base!

Cameron: As you sucker-punch our best hopes and dreams of cutting Russia’s sea-legs out from under them. We’ll fall to pieces as we watch that dream slip away, forever!

Obama: Crushed, poof, bye-bye!

Cameron: As your men bloodlessly assure that Crimea can peacefully secede from Ukraine!

Obama: Which they do!  Right?! Then we’ll look like total buffoons as we try to explain to the world how a vote, which is 96% in favor of secession, is somehow illegitimate and undemocratic!

Cameron: Clueless, that’s the word, Barry!  We’ll look utterly clueless! Then we’ll order the IMF to demand that Ukraine invade another breakaway part of its country, or no kibbles!

Obama: Oh, oh, oh, but then the out-gunned and out-manned Novorussiyan, separatist forces will totally route and destroy our CIA/NATO-backed Ukrainian forces, as large swathes of top Ukraine officials resign in disgrace!  

Cameron: You’ll look like a hero!  You got that, Mr. Putin!  A HERO! as you issue calls for Ukraine invaders to be given escape routes, and send convoy after glorious convoy of food-and-medicine-laden trucks to relieve the humanitarian disaster that our pointless war caused in the first place!

Obama: But then, as a feather in your cap, we’ll bow to your gamesmanship, as you successfully broker a generous peace deal with the Kiev government, replete with highest heads of state in the E.U. in attendance.  

Cameron: Then behold our dominance, as we all scramble like ants at a NATO summit in Wales, while our Western/NATO-backed government in Kiev will be forced to concede total defeat to you, sir! We’re talking months of planning, ruined!

Obama: And epic portions of crow being eaten!

Cameron: All because of you!

Obama: It’ll be the most most devastating thing that’s happened to my world standing since I asked you to pretty please gimme back Edward Snowden…but you were all like,nyet“, but then I was all like, “that’s ok, we’re still cool, right?”

Cameron: AND THEN, to make sure we really string ourselves up right proper, we’re going to begin an escalation of sanctions against your country along the way!

Putin Sanctions


Obama: Piddling ones, for starters, that’s what kind, Mr. Putin.  Pure, high-octane piddling!

Cameron: We’re going to start banning random, meaningless people from your country, from traveling to our countries!  It burns, doesn’t it!?

Obama: Oh, oh yes, and then we’ll cringe as you say, “that’s ok, we were thinking about closing off entire portions of Russian airspace to most airliner traffic anyway!”

Cameron: Ah, yes, and what about when you start closing down McDonald’s franchises all across the Russian steppes for “sanitation violations”!? 

Obama: Genius! I gotta hand it to you, Mr. Putin, that’s gonna be a riot!

Cameron: Yes, and Barry, don’t forget how we start to pressure our European allies, in their fragile economic state, to go ‘all-in’ in the sanction wars, triggering a systemic, melt-down-inducing tit for tat!

Obama: Absolutely, David!  We’re not going to mess around, ok?   President Putin, we’re talking a triple dip recession for our allies in Europe.   We’re going to seriously kick their economies in their junk, repeatedly! You feeling me, here, Vladimir?

Cameron: Stick it to him, Barry!  And when their economies collapse to the ground, and they most assuredly will, no mercy will be forthcoming for them!  We’re going to dropkick Europe’s economies, over and over, while they’re down, with sanction after horrifying sanction!

Obama: Until Europe screams out they can’t take it anymore!

Cameron: And literally begs us like a puppy dog, to please kiss and make up with your government!

Obama: And don’t you think for a second that we’ll hold anything back.  When you see us undermine our influence, it’ll be balls to the wall, something that screams: “we aim to alienate ourselves from the entire world!”

Cameron: And end our own dominance! Pronto! You got that?

Obama: Yes, President Putin, these measures will unravel the financial and political order that our governments spent generations building, and at faster speeds than anything you could possibly cook up!  But something’s still missing here…hmm, what is it, David?  I can’t put my finger on it…

Cameron: Great knickers of Prince William himself, Barry! I’ve got it! 

Obama: What’s that?

Cameron: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, if you do not change course, and concede to the rightful D.C./London/NATO rule of this planet, then we’ll have no choice….but to play the nuclear SWIFT option!

Obama: Ohhhhh, yes, I totally forgot!  Mr. Putin, we’ll drop some not-so-subtle hints that the entire SWIFT banking system might just drop a world power like Russia from its roster of countries that maintain codes for bank wires!

Cameron: Ensuring that the near-fatal mistake we made with Iran, will surely be repeated!  Finishing off what’s left of SWIFT’s global relevance as a system for instantaneous wire transfers!

Obama: And then, in agonizing dismay, we’ll realize that we made the mother-of-all rookie mistakes!

Cameron: And beg you and your government for forgiveness for even breathing aloud any suggestion that SWIFT be politicized by using Russia(or anyone else) for target practice, by its out-dated mechanism!  That’s gonna put you on notice, Miiiiiister Putin! 

Obama: Brilliant!  And Vladimir, behold our dominance, as we watch Germany have no choice but to sell you Europe’s largest natural gas storage facility!  Just to keep the heat on!

Cameron: Putty in your hands, that’s what we’ll be, Vladimir!  Pure putty!  As Ukraine gets its gas shut off, like some dead-beat dad!  Then what will you do, as we watch helplessly?!

Obama: So…..are you getting it, yet?

Cameron: Do you finally see what predicament you’ve put yourself in?

Obama: Is the Russian Federation, and the BRICS Alliance, ready to play ball at last, Mr. Putin?

SD Bullion

Obama: As serious as a season finale of the Bachelor, sir!

SD Bullion


Totally owned us, David!

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