The Hidden Threat of this Greek Situation

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Me, Oh My!

SD Bullion

And just like that: the geopolitical tornado sweeping Europe, just turned into a monstrous, F4 funnel!

Just when you thought, “gee, things couldn’t get much worse for the Eurozone,”……ole Zeus throws down a few streaks of lightning from his padded loft on Olympus, just to shake things up!  As I wrote about several weeks ago, the snap-election in Greece was bound to be a barn-burner, and boy, but those Greeks sure delivered!

Not only did the talk of “peaking too soon” not occur for the Euro-nightmare party, “Syriza”, but the opposite turned out to be true, as their leadership rode the Hellespont’s wave of anger and discontent, to coast to a handy victory.  In fact, they managed to mobilize the vote in adequate droves that will be sure to have every nervous banker from Syracuse  to London, from Warsaw to Dublin, heavily biting on every last one of these:

Syriza 2


Ack!  No, no, I didn’t mean that kind of…..well, hmm, actually brothers, many banksters may actually consider biting quite a few of those kinds of nails too, before this is done!  I mean, geez, we’re waaaaay past the fingernail-biting stage…that was soooo 2012!

This election spells absolute disaster for the banking and political establishment in Brussels.  For the avowed, banking technocrats, like Mr. Van Rumpoy, Jose Barroso, and Mario Draghi, the fear and loathing is only just beginning.

But, please don’t just take my word for it!  Let’s meet the fresh, new face, who’ll be sitting smack dab, in the middle of Syntagma Square, and hear the kind of things already being promised by the newly-elected government of Greece, shall we?

Meet Syriza’s Figurehead

This is Mr. Alexis Tsipras, leader of the “hard-left coalition’s” Syriza party, not to mention, the brand new Prime Minister of Greece, and all at 40 years of age!  Mr. Tsipras is a busy bee these days.

Syriza 3

Ever since his younger years, when he joined the Young Communist Society in the late 1980’s, he’s dreamed of this day.

Oh, and I know what you’re thinking brothers:

“Huh, communism, really?  Hasn’t that completely been debunked after every major power who’s tried it, basically turned into a 3rd world country?  At least, economically?”

You’d think that by now, wouldn’t you?  What with old Maduro-run Venezuela being the latest failure, (needing his own Chinese-flavored bail-out)…but I assure you, that this man is the genuine, communist article.  I mean come on, when you’ve gone and named a son after Che Guevara, you know that the guy probably means what he’s saying.

His favorite leisurely activities nowadays include: soccer, summoning fiery infernos upon the Troika’s hopes and dreams for a Europe which is of, by, and for the bankers, and just plain giving Chancellor Angela Merkel as many ulcers as possible!

As for the last one, let me assure you, he’s off to a running start.  He promised that his campaign’s victory spells the end of “the vicious cycle of austerity for Europe”.  He said that their win meant a “victory over the Troika”, and that he means to “end the bail-out agreements”, if the entire thing can’t be renegotiated on terms that are much more favorable to Greece.

“Well, Watchman, that may be his own blunt brand of politics, but I’m sure he’s just a reasonable fellow, who’s just saying what he needs to in order to win over the austerity-beaten Greek populace.”

It’s not just his brand of politics, friend.  This is the Syriza brand of politics.  Just read these following quotes from his finance minister, one Mr. Varoufakis:

 “The Troika is trying to suffocate us and to put pressure on the democratic choice by telling us: either you follow our requirements, or you will be cast into hell.”

So I say this clearly: “Death is preferable. “The real deficit in Greece, it is a dignity deficit. It is because of this lack of dignity that we have accepted stupid measures and this has fueled a vicious cycle of indignity which itself maintains discontent, fear and resentment. All this is not good. We must regain our dignity, spirit, October 28, 1940 made us say “no” to the ultimatum of Mussolini’s Italy. At this time, we do not have the means to say “no” and yet we did. (Note: 28 October 1940, the Greek dictator Metaxas refused by a “no”…to the Italian ultimatum. In the war that followed, the Greeks pushed the Italian army. ). We must recapture the spirit of 28 October.”

Clearly, these folks are just a fluffy bunch of “go along to get alongs”!

This man’s aim isn’t just to “destroy the Greek oligarchic system”, but to undo the present financial balance of power in “Greater Europe”.

SD Bullion

Just check out the leader of “Podemos”, the Spanish answer to Syriza, who is now trying to ride the coattails of Tsipras, and aiming to either renegotiate or default on Spain’s Troika arrangements as well!

Syriza 4

“Well, Watchman, it could be worse for Brussels!  I mean, after all the votes were tallied, it appears that Syriza’s margin of victory, though large, was just a smidgen under what was needed to secure an outright majority, right?”

Wrong.  Abandon hope, ye Troika who enter here!

For just several minutes ago, this news came across the wire:

“Syriza forms a governing coalition, with the party, “Independent Greeks”, the populist-Right party.”

Who are the “Independent Greeks”?  Just think of the Independent Greeks, as the Mediterranean answer to Nigel Farage’s UKIP!  I’m sure you’ll recall how thrilled Mr. Farage has been toward the bailouts and the Troika itself.  The Independent Greeks’ 13 seats, tallied with the 149 seats of Syriza will work out to a clear majority, and pave the way for Mr. Tsipras to climb those Syntagma steps, and get crackin’!

Mr. Tsipras has wasted no time, either!  Folks are literally shocked at how quickly Tsipras has been able to cobble together a coalition with others, on a piecemeal basis, as he’s shrewdly moved to find key issues that he could come together with each party on.  He’s able to wheel and deal, and get the ball rolling.  This man’s first test as a mover and shaker, has been passed with flying colors.

Bank shares on the Greek stock market took a monkey-hammering at the news of an outright Syriza win.  For example, at one point, Piraeus was down 16%(but recovered somewhat after the coalition deal was announced).

This all has Brussels very, very worried, too.  As commentator Duncan Weldon has observed,

“The key question has been: will Syriza moderate policies post election?  Coalition with the Independent Greeks suggests the answer is ‘no'”.

My gut tells me that he may very well be right on this.

Merkel’s Game Plan

Let’s all be up front here about one thing: the entire E.U., whether functional or not, has been solely the result of Germany’s own posturing.  If Chancellor Merkel hadn’t been for at least the short-term, ongoing E.U. arrangement, then it would not have survived.  Merkel has been the force behind the deals, behind the bailouts, and behind the will to trudge forward, despite the obstacles.

I believe Mrs. Merkel will talk tough, and act as if she and the German faction are still in control of the situation.  She’ll be trying to talk a good game, and convince the newly-elected Greek government that she holds the cards, but believe me brothers:

She doesn’t!  The tiny Greek coalition government holds all the cards here.

Up until now, Merkel’s stance on renegotiation has been one of stalwart opposition.  She knows that the moment they approve a much-reduced, “Austerity Lite”, that every other member of the PIIGS will cry “Fowl!”.

What about Spain?  They’re still in a bonafide depression, right?  Do ya think they’ll be gung-ho to carry on with that yoke on their shoulders, if Greece gets off easily?  What about the poor Irish who suffered so much under bankster deals, all to keep Anglo-Irish Bank from being properly liquidated in the manner it should’ve been?

Every.Single.One. of these countries will be up in arms, each demanding their own, more lenient bailout terms, if Greece is successful here.

The E.U. Understands the Real Threat

What will Merkel do though?  Tell them no?!


In the end, I believe this coalition will outlast her, and insist on their way(and win), by reminding Brussels of what they have to gain by leaving the E.U. We’re not talking a simple end to the austerity, by returning to the drachma, either.

Brothers, let me remind you of Russia’s very recent(and generous) offer to lift the food import ban for the Greeks, should they leave the E.U.  Putin knows exactly where his leverage is, and he’s been keen to let them know, that if Europe doesn’t want Greece, then Russia and Eurasia most certainly do!

One unseen risk in all this, that I wish to remind our readers of(that literally no one else has been talking about) is that Southern Europe and much of the balkans, while nominally “part of the west” in lip service, is really a long-lost religious remnant of the Eastern world.  The medieval Orthodox world was born from the Orthodox Byzantine empire, which stretched from Asia Minor, all the way through the Balkans, and westward as far as Serbia!

Here, lemme show you this map:


The Greeks, who have always had a great deal in common with Russia, are religiously cut from the same Orthodox cloth.  Both Russia and Greece represent ancient civilizations, which were formed by Constantinople.

Notice in that map how Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, and even parts of Bosnia all have the same religious lineage, and who have all felt for centuries, that they’ve been a “fish out of water” within Catholic Europe.  With the exception of Romania, there is almost a direct, ecumenical “land bridge” connecting Russia to the balkans(remember, Ukraine is very much Orthodox).  

“Watchman, I think you’re making too big a deal out of this religious angle!”

Maybe, but ask yourself: what would a Grexit mean for Russia and the Orthodox world?

A Grexit would serve to re-establish an autonomous, independent, Orthodox foothold on the European continent(which Russia would quickly make a key partner).

 A Grexit would thereby effectively create a symbiotic relationship between Greece and Russia, creating an economic and cultural “magnetic pull” upon the rest of Orthodox Southern Europe, and drawing them to parts further East(further into Russia’s sphere of influence).

A Grexit would be a dream come true for Moscow, as it would take the by-gone dream of a geographically unified, pan-Orthodox world(as well as the entire Eurasian trade zone) one huge step closer to reality.

Trust me, if Greece leaves Europe, they’ll find a most hearty reception in Eurasia, as it will basically be a religious homecoming!

And what of Orthodox Bulgaria?  Do you think that maybe the Bulgarians are feeling more than a tad bit slighted, after being forced to give up Southstream to the Turks(their historic enemies) by Brussels and DC?  There is so much going on here, that 99% of commentators are totally missing.

Look, I understand that some of you are not religious, but when we’re talking about geopolitics and the make-up of civilization itself, do not underestimate the important reality of religious considerations that come into play here.


Merkel doesn’t want Greece(and all their newly-discovered hydro-carbon reserves) to slip through her fingers.

With Russia acquiring a huge, new energy boon in the unification with Crimea, Europe’s list of friends with untapped, extensive hydrocarbon reserves is growing rather thin!


Whew!  By golly, but new troubles seem to pile up by the day for the E.U. ruling order!

I mean, doesn’t it just seem like last week that Draghi starting waxing about nearly a trillion Euros of QE per year?  Sheesh!

Wait a minute…

It was just last week!

The troubles of Europe are now so big, and so nuanced, that each new one, makes you almost forget the previous one!  How many folks do you think are talking about Draghi’s QE now? They’ll all be talking about Greece for weeks, and I’m sure that Mario is very grateful to Greece for taking the heat and attention off of him.

I’ve laid out a few “hidden” considerations that some of the elite in Europe are quite cognizant of, and though most of them talk about those things as unimportant, they are the most important long-term considerations in all of this.

I advise Merkel, and all others, who’d scoff at the idea of a “Grexit” as “impossible” or “beyond the pale”, to tone those thoughts down, and work with Greek leadership on new terms.

For if I recall correctly, the Greeks, over the course of their long history, have been known to occasionally stage just such an “impossible” surprise…

Syriza 6


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