The Banking Cabal is Running out of Time in Silver

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Silver chaos

The Clock is Ticking in Silver


Ladies and Gentlemen, for months I’ve written about how the diminishing price/supply in silver, coupled with fresh, record demand will lead to a “religious experience” for the market riggers. On Saturday, I did an interview with Wall Street for Main Street, on the topic as well.

SD Bullion

Well, in the last few days, the downward spiral of Comex silver ounces has turned into a gigantic plummet, a rout of 2011 proportions. Just take a look at the warehouse numbers for Friday! One glance, and you’ll instantly understand: something is very wrong on the silver scene!

Silver chaos 1

Absolutely brutal!

The Comex registered silver category bled roughly 7.8 MILLION ounces in one day! This equates to over 21% of total registered silver stocks, gone in 24 hours!

Now, it’s true we might occasionally see numbers like this in gold, such as we just saw last week, when over 200,000 golden registered ounces left their coffers in one business day!  However, it’s simply not been like this in silver.

Now just take a look at where this one day collapse has brought the long term silver stock chart(via Jesse’s Cafe Americain and

Silver chaos 2

Brothers, we are now back at the levels last seen in May of 2011!

You’ll remember that was when silver’s upward price spikes were roughly $1 per day!  Wholesale silver was beginning to dry up, and the world was cornering available silver. The banksters had a serious problem, and engineered the May Day Massacre of 2011, to stave off the supply crunch and buy time.

THIS time however, the registered supply crunch is becoming a steady reality in the face of collapsing prices, totally different! Last time the banks had the leeway to absolutely rock silver’s price 2, 3, or 4 times over the next year to cool off demand.

What will they do this time? That trick will no longer work!

If they thwack prices 30% again(as they did twice before), from $14, we’ll be looking at a spot price of roughly $9.80! 

Do you think that the problem of deepening wholesale tightening could be solved at sub $10 silver?

You bet your life it wouldn’t!

The base and precious metal miners, already preparing to ‘give up the ghost’, would be TKO’ed, by such price action, and stackers the world over(especially in India), would end this game rather quickly. The number of Comex registered silver ounces would collapse even more steeply, virtually overnight.

Now consider this: it took nearly 4 years to build those reserves up from 26 million to 70 million ounces. 4 long years! Yet it took just 9 months to bring it back to earth!

It took the stairs up, and the elevator shaft down! 

Furthermore, most of the silver ounces that the cabal has been using to satisfy Comex deliveries with have been coming from CNT for months.

The problem for them though, is that the last withdrawal from CNT(of nearly 3.9 million oz in a single day) has now taken CNT to roughly 400,000 ounces!

CNT has virtually zero ounces left to make deliveries whole.  It appears that Brinks will now be the next in line on the chopping block, but they’ve got just 10 million oz in the vaults. That could be gone in a month, very easily.

As some have heard though, there’s another huge indicator that the cabal is running out of time on the silver(and gold) scene.

LBMA Chaos

The bankers are desperate to hold down silver at these levels, as are the tech funds, who’ve been duped into going heavily short at price levels, which are completely bonkers.

Last week though, the tell-tale sign that things are coming apart behind the scenes, was the chaos at the LBMA Silver Fix, in London.  In the early hours, there was a flash crash of roughly 6% in silver, as almost $1 was shaved off in seconds, only to be placed right back minutes later….

Silver chaos 5

Remember, the London Silver AM Fix is the world-wide benchmark used to settle millions of ounces of contracts for the largest miners, refiners, jewelers, and investors in the world, every single day.

Yet for nearly a quarter of an hour, there was utter confusion on the actual price of silver. When “normalcy” returned, anyone who’d sold their silver at the London Fix price was absolutely screwed. This was so open, so blatant, that the good news is that fresh investigations are now being conducted into the goings on with the London Fix, and how it operates.

If you’ll remember, just last year, the older London Fix was replaced with an electronic fix(meaning the rigging just got more precise and computer-controlled). Nothing changed, same criminality.

However, the big question, is why the world needs a “Fix” of any price, for any good, commodity, or service at all. The London Fix is an antiquated dinosaur, that arch-criminals have used for generations to play their games with silver and gold.

Hopefully, when this game ends, and the rigging snaps…..the entire notion of a “Fix” will be put to rest for good.

But as bad as all this is, the very worst news for the silver rigging scheme, is a likely event soon to occur, which will absolutely torch remaining gold and silver stockpiles. In fact, we saw the newest reminder of it just last week!

Negative Interest Rates

The entire world has been kept afloat by ZIRP(zero percent interest rates) for the last 8 years. Everyone and their pet frog, at world central banks, was in a mad dash to take interest rates to zero.

Nevermind that it destroyed pensioners and retirees. Never mind that it destroyed trillions of dollars of wealth. Nevermind that it was enacted to keep insolvent bankers afloat, at humanity’s expense.

No, the banks do what they want, and the people be damned.

Well, this is the likely next worldwide step in their mad scheme to hold the ponzi together just a little while longer:


BoJ Adopts Negative Interest Rates, Fails To Increase QE


Japan became the newest country to adopt negative interest rates, where basically, depositors, who have loaned money to banking institutions, will now pay a fee to those banks for the privilege of being the lender in the equation!

SD Bullion

Total, utter insanity. Yet, that’s what it now takes to keep the 2008 redux at bay for just a few business quarters longer.

Now, other countries have done this, including Denmark, Switzerland, and Sweden. Heck, even Germany has had negative bond prices, but Japan is the 3rd largest economy on earth, and is the largest yet to actually go full NIRP. If Japan’s bankers have concluded that negative interest rates are their only option left….we’re much closer than we think to all of this coming unglued!

That’s a huge reason WHY the bankers fought so hard last week, in the London Fix, and elsewhere, to contain prices: they know the world will panic into silver and gold, when they realize just how hopeless the fiscal and banking situation actually is.

The Fed will likely continue for a little while longer to pretend it will keep hiking rates “back to normal levels”. Remember though, the long-term historical average for rates here in the US, is between 6 to 7%!

Do you honestly think there’s a whisper of chance, that the Fed will ever be able to get it to a fraction of that level again?  They’d need a miracle to get the key benchmark rate back to a mere 1%!

When the Fed finally stops hiking rates, and instead, starts to lower them even more quickly, it will probably be an interest rate journey which will land the US in NIRP territory as well. If they can even keep the system going that long, at that point, everyone scoops up the last scraps of gold and silver, and all bets are off.


For well over 4 years(and almost 5 at this point), the bankers bought valuable time in silver and gold.  The surging global demand for both metals means their borrowed time is almost utterly spent:

The broken LBMA silver fix action…

The record 500+ claims per ounce of Comex gold!

The near 8 million ounce removal of registered silver in one day..

All means that we’re in the home stretches of this marathon against criminality.

The banksters have had all the inside info, the most advanced trading platforms, government protection, and all the regulators tied up in knots…What they will soon fail to have though, is silver.

We stackers have the bankers just where we want them:

If they take price lower, our stacking ends it all quicker!

If they let it run too far higher, then silver has a technical breakout, and new momentum chasers come pouring into this market(big buyers that haven’t been here for 5 years)!

If they keep price where it is, they keep bleeding the rest of their ounces.

There is no good option for them. We stackers are a decentralized, fighting force, and we’re hardened vets at this point. We will NOT run from a heavy ‘price shelling’, and we will turn their advance, into an utter silver ounce rout.

Brothers, what I’m saying is this: the grueling wait is closer to ending than ever. We’re getting very close.

The banksters have now painted themselves into a corner, and whatever action they try from here will make matters worse for them.

For years, millions of stackers worldwide have been bringing down their tiny hammers on this massive banking beast.  It’s devastating effects can now be seen by all.

They say that sometimes, you’ve gotta strike while the iron is hot. That’s true…and we definitely have these crooks under our hammer.

However, there are other times where you mustn’t wait for the iron to go hot, before acting. Now is our time! Price is right, economic conditions are right, supply conditions are right.

We mustn’t let up in our stacking. We mustn’t wait for the iron to become hot, rather we must continue to MAKE the iron hotter by our striking it!

Stack on with courage!

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