“Supreme Excellence” Pt. 4: What You Weren’t Told about the Iraq War

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A statue of Iraq's President Saddam Hussein falls as it is pulled down in central Baghdad April 9, 2..

Once You’re In Our Dollar System, You Can’t “Just Leave” It

The truth is that many countries around the world have been tired of dancing to the tune that Washington D.C. and London have been calling. For years they’ve felt that they have no say in making key decisions on the world stage, or for their own peoples.  They feel that the greater agendas which are made, are put together, solely by and for, the U.S. and Great Britain.  Yet, those nations keep toeing the lines that the U.S. and Great British governments tell them to.

The reason they continue to do this, is that they’ve seen what happened to the few countries who tried to get out from under them and the  U.S. petro-dollar system, which they control. Now, you wouldn’t know that that’s what had happened, due to the way the media painted the events, but since when has the media been there to inform or enlighten us about anything? We all know that mainstream sources of news are simply there to reinforce someone else’s narrative, in the U.S.’s case, it is Washington D.C.’s. Given that’s true, please keep that in your mind’s eye, as we view the true stories of several unfortunate examples.

Dust in Babylon

Now that Iraq is a flaming ruin, where Christians and other minorities are having to choose between gruesome death, exile, dispossession, or conversion to Islam, many folks in the U.S. are fighting mad.  They feel that the trillions of dollars we spent in Iraq, as well as the lives of many thousands of our soldiers, were needlessly thrown away. Most realize now that the war which we prosecuted in Iraq in 2003 was unquestionably a mistake.  Many of them have concluded that as bad as Saddam was, he kept the country fairly stable, and even protected many minorities within Iraq’s boundaries.  What’s more, is that they’re finally asking serious questions about why we really went into that country in the first place.

People are finally ready to hear some hard truths about that unfortunate conflict.  They know something didn’t make sense, as the claims about Iraq having “weapons of mass destruction” were later claimed to be false by the President and even the CIA.  Folks are also now aware that there were no links to Saddam and the terrorist attacks that happened in New York City, nor was there an alliance between Saddam and Al Qaeda.  In fact: there were no Al Qaeda to speak of at all, in Iraq at that time(though there are plenty now).

Americans have tried to console themselves by saying that since these reasons for invasion weren’t true, at least Iraq is better off now with a functioning democracy.  The problem is that all those consolations have now blown away as dust in the wind, with the rise of ISIS.  Every dream or hope for a better Iraq have been annihilated.  As usual, the government’s story about things wasn’t true, but the truth was and is very difficult to accept.  We mustn’t turn away from truth though, even if it’s hard, or ugly.

Here’s what really happened back then which spurred the U.S. and Great Britain to invade Iraq in 2003.

Real-Life Casualties of a Financial War

It was the turn of the new millennium, and an old ally of the U.S.’s from years past, decided enough was enough. The U.S. dollars his country was receiving for the precious oil they brought from the ground, were beginning to noticeably lose their punch, you might say.  That coupled with the fact that sanctions from D.C. had killed an estimated 500,000 children alone in that country, made the government there decide to finally look for other currency alternatives for their oil.

Thus it was, that nearly 30 years after the petro-dollar had become the world’s arrangement, the first major oil-producer stood up to challenge U.S. dollar hegemony.  Yes, our old ally Saddam Hussein of Iraq, had announced that he intended to ditch U.S. dollars, in favor of the Euro,  for Iraq’s oil payments.  Do take notice of the date on that Time story announcement, provided in the link above: November 13, 2000. This was a very serious challenge to the arrangement, and D.C. knew it.  In fact, had they not dealt with it decisively, other OPEC nations in the Middle East would’ve stepped forward quickly, and done likewise.  If any major oil producer had been able to break away from this system, it would’ve produced a chain reaction of events for the U.S. and the world, that probably would’ve resembled something like this(via ftmdaily.com):

  • Foreign nations would begin sending a flood of U.S. dollars back to the United States in exchange for the new currency needed for oil.
  • The Federal Reserve would lose their ability to print more dollars to “solve” America’s economic problems.
  • The Treasury Secretary and the Federal Reserve Chairman would meet to determine the best course of action.
  • That action would involve an immediate and dramatic increase in interest rates to reduce America’s money supply.
  • Hyperinflation would ensue temporarily while the interest rates took time to take full effect.
  • All oil-related prices, including gas prices, would reach outrageous levels.
  • Washington would soon realize that the total amount of money in the system would have to be dramatically slashed even further, leading to an even higher increase in interest rates.
  • The clueless American public would demand answers. Those on the left would blame the right. The right would blame the left. And both political parties would seek to blame the Federal Reserve.
  • People with adjustable rate debts would be crushed and massive layoffs would occur as businesses would be suffering from the high interest rates.
  • Asset prices across the board would plummet in value.”


As you can imagine, D.C. and the bankers who run it, simply weren’t going to tolerate someone just walking away from the petro-dollar standard, as it would’ve meant the end of their bloated privileges. It wasn’t simply D.C. though, who was pushing us to invade Iraq.  Remember, the key linchpin who made this arrangement work in the first place, was Saudi Arabia. The Saudis were also pushing heavily for war against the Saddam regime, because they knew the real threat that this U.S. dollar refusal represented to their special status in OPEC, and to their role as regional leader in the Middle East. So a decision was made to deal with Iraq and Saddam swiftly, in order to make an example of him to other nations, who might get any bright ideas of doing likewise. Within weeks, the sanctions placed against Iraq were escalated.  Sanctions alone though, were not enough to topple Saddam, and bring Iraq back into the U.S. dollar fold.  In order to maintain dollar superiority, regime change was the goal, and in the pursuit of regime change, only invasion would suffice. Eventually, a pretext had to be conjured up, to provide sufficient reason to make war in Iraq.  Later in the game, evidence of “weapons of mass destruction” were fabricated, to justify an invasion.  The “War on Terror”, and the “WMD” line gave Washington the case for war they had needed. Think about it: do you think the peoples of America would’ve been eager to send their sons or daughters overseas if they’d heard D.C. tell them: Saddam Hussein has begun taking payments in non-dollar currencies, so we must send your sons to Iraq to reinstate U.S. dollar supremacy. Not a chance!  The masses would’ve risen up and put a stop to it.  Since the real reasons for this war would be unacceptable to the public, the truth was simply abandoned for lies. Within roughly 2 years of Saddam’s announcement, “Shock and Awe” commenced, the M1 Abrams tanks rolled in, the palaces were destroyed, and much of ancient Babylon was reduced to a ruin once again.

Fire Saddam

It had all been contrived as a cover to maintain U.S. dollar superiority over the rest of the world, at the price of trillions of dollars, thousands of lost troops, tens of thousands of Iraqi lives, and the prosperity of the nations of the world.  All this had been done simply to maintain the reserve currency status of the notes, which the Federal Reserve alone, has the “legal authority” to create. As a result of that invasion, Iraq, which had been stable before, remains a chaotic, and bloody wasteland to this very day. Don’t sweat it though!  After all, the U.S. dollar was quickly reinstated as the currency of Iraqi oil payments, after Saddam had been shown the door.  Right?

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 Iraq wasn’t the Only Break Away Attempt

There’s an even more blatant example of brute force being used to enforce petro-dollar superiority. This time however, it occurred in Libya, in 2011.  I say it was more blatant, because this time it seemed Washington didn’t even try to conjure up any convincing pretext whatsoever, for why U.S. troops had to fight in Libya. We were told mainly by President Obama, Great Britain, and France, that we simply had to impose a “no-fly” zone over much of Libya, to keep Muammar Gaddafi from massacring thousands of civilians.  Why he would do that we were never told.  “Just trust us” was the government mantra surrounding this brief conflict.  Knowing that the peoples of America had grown weary of war, we were told “this isn’t a war, this is a kinetic action”(more Orwellian nonsense).

Within a few months of this “kinetic action”, Gaddafi’s palaces and key strategic fortresses had been reduced to rubble. The amazing waterways and infrastructure of the country, which he’d spent years building, had been obliterated, and Gaddafi himself had been surrounded and brutally killed. It had all been lies again, though.  Gaddafi hadn’t been fighting his own citizens, but rather the same ISIS type of terrorists that later overran the Benghazi consulate, and that are now ravaging Iraq and Libya.  He was winning a war against their insurgency(which the U.S. government supported), and had he been left unchecked, would’ve eventually represented a strategic threat to the petro-dollar standard.

The Real Reason Gaddafi was Killed

Why do I say that?  It’s because Muammar Gaddafi had spent years planning, with other African, oil-producing countries, how to replace the U.S. dollar for their oil payments.  He’d made the case that the current arrangement didn’t suit African countries or their peoples, and that and instituting a policy to accept payments for their oil in gold dinars was far more beneficial to Libya, and Africa as a whole.

This was an even worse threat to the Anglo-American banks than Saddam had been.  After all, to them it was bad enough that Saddam had opted for Euros, but the Euro is simply another fiat currency which they control.  This move by Gaddafi represented the first time that a country had openly tried to “return to gold”.  It was anathema to these bankers, a horror that was almost unspeakable, as Western banks had spent decades trying to run a fiat monetary system without gold in the picture.

They decided to make another example out of Gaddafi, a terribly brutal one, in order to send a message to others who might get the same idea.  The message was clear: if you ditch the U.S. dollar, and institute a gold standard for trade settlement, you’ll end up like this.

Lest any other country not take the U.S. government’s full meaning: they trotted out Hillary Clinton to mock up and laugh over the conquered foe.

Strategic Mistakes

Saddam’s strategic blunder was deciding to “go it alone”, in his attempts to walk away from the U.S. petro-dollar.  He grossly underestimated the lengths which D.C., London, and Saudi Arabia were willing to go to, in order to maintain their currency supremacy agreement.  He should’ve spent many years making key alliances with other major powers, while laying the groundwork in Iraq with mechanisms in place, for the eventual day that the U.S. dollar lost favor with the world.  He should have bided his time.

Gaddafi’s key mistake was in not learning from Saddam’s fate.  Openly discussing a gold-dinar program, and dollar-alternatives for oil and energy payments, was tantamount to suicide for such a tiny country.  It should’ve been a state secret.  If only he had kept it quiet for another 10 years, perhaps Libya would not now be a hollow shell, overrun by terrorists.


Now you can clearly see why other nations haven’t walked away from this disastrous arrangement, called “Bretton Woods II” yet.  The world literally has a gun to its head, as the petro-dollar is a currency based upon forcing others to take the debt we’re offering them, and is backed, not by gold, but by the largest military in the world.

There are key lessons the world has taken from these examples:

1) If they’re ever to have a future without the “Sword of Damocles”(the U.S. dollar) hanging over their heads, their preparation must be vast and largely secret.  

2) The nations doing so must be allied, as no one can “go it alone” against these people.  

3) Perhaps most importantly though, every mechanism of the plan has to be executed flawlessly and carefully.  It cannot be rushed or done hastily.  There’s only one shot to get this right, and it has to be perfect.

The good news is that, against all odds, there is just such a world alliance that has finally arisen to challenge the U.S. petro-dollar, and the monstrous global empire that it has enabled.

Concluded in Part 5


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