Stop the “Refugee” Trojan Horse from Bringing More ISIS & Death to Europe

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Paris 3

Tragic & Totally Predictable Outcome

Well, the event that I predicted over the summer, in an article entitled “The Fake European Refugee Crisis”, has now sadly become deadly true in Paris, France.  A series of deadly terror attacks led by several small teams of gunmen, left all of Europe and the States in shock.  I urge you to go back and read that article.

In it, I warned that letting 1 million human souls, from the most troubled place on planet earth, just traipse through Christian Europe, with no time to vet them(or plans on what to do with them), was the most dangerous and foolish thing that modern Europe had ever done.  I was right in spades. Now on the heels of the utter failure of the corrupt French government to protect its own people, it has once again refused ‘to let a good crisis’ to go waste, as this newest, foolhardy headline hit the wire:


France Launches Air Strikes in Syria; Paris investigation Widens

The French Air Force have now gone into Syria to bomb Raqqa within 48 hours of the terror attacks in Paris!  

To my mind, the biggest danger to the French aren’t the ISIS in Raqqa, but the ISIS & migrants already in France’s borders….and France’s own treasonous government itself!  Bombing some faraway country won’t change any of that.

Before, I go any further, I want to address something: there have been those who’ve speculated that the passport found belonging to one of the attackers is a forgery.  Maybe, maybe not. Those people are forgetting something very crucial about ISIS.

Remember, because this is key: we’ve already established that ISIS militants were created and funded by corrupt Western governments, to oust President Assad in Syria in the first place.  ISIS exists solely to enact and benefit Western policy in that country.  ISIS is simply the puppet of the puppet masters(DC/London/Israel/Saudi Arabia).

So, if ISIS is simply the tool of Western banksters to get their way in Syria, does it really matter whether those governments used ISIS to enact the terror, or whether they used another proxy and blamed it on ISIS?

In other words, the parties responsible are the same either way, and nothing changes: the same crooks benefit, the same 130 French victims are still dead, and the same old Syrian agenda of DC & London gets a new lifeline.  Either way, is it truly so hard to imagine ISIS was involved with the attacks?

ISIS had already said they’d infiltrated the crowds of “refugees”(which would’ve been a stroll in the park to achieve).

ISIS had already promised attacks on Europe.

ISIS members had already been found by German authorities and arrested months earlier.

At least two ISIS members were among the suicide bombers, and trekked 4,000 kilometers posing as ‘refugees’…

ISIS is in Europe, either way, so let’s not split hairs here.

SD Bullion

The important political takeaway is that the blood of those victims(may they rest in peace) hadn’t even dried before this creep:

François Hollande

Francois Hollande, a perfect combination of incompetence and criminality, had seized upon the tragedy to engage ISIS, while foolishly choosing not to co-ordinate it with Russia’s own attacks.

This is a recipe for a new unmitigated disaster to unfold.

Furthermore, if you think that this will be the last ISIS attack in Europe, I’ve got some troubling news for you…

Teams All Over Europe

As recently as a few weeks ago, it was announced that German authorities had discovered that hundreds of migrants were absconding from official refugee centers.  Asylum workers would just walk into the buildings, and find every last person staying there….gone. Without a trace!

Hundreds were leaving per week…so that number is now into the thousands.

Now dwell on this: it only took roughly 10 men to wreak that type of destruction and death in(poor, unarmed) Paris.  How many such attacks could potentially be carried out now, at will, to strike literally anywhere, in an environment that is mostly gun-free?

This highlights the importance for folks in America(and everywhere) to fight the globalists on the matter of guns. No population should be at the mercy of half a dozen armed men. Europeans must step up and demand the right to own and carry their own protection, because no government can or should be everywhere at once.

Now that millions of unvetted, 3rd-world strangers walk among the tiny hamlets and villages of Europe, Europeans need their own guns now more than ever.

However, even more importantly than that at this moment….Europe must revoke & destroy both the entire EU apparatus, and suicidal open-border agreements that are killing it.

Europe’s countries have been betrayed by the financial and political leaders, who’re now utterly ethnically replacing many Christian whites in their own countries, and who’ve left their indigenous populations at the mercy of literally anyone.

The countries of Europe must reassert their own sovereignty, as nationalist Hungary has done! They must:

1) Close their borders immediately

2) Revoke special visas of the migrants

3) And begin mass deportations!

They must do this, and they must do it yesterday.  Hundreds of thousands more fake refugees are still on their way across Europe as I type, and the cultural, economic, and terror threats that these 3rd-world masses represent are now truly an existential threat to Christian Europe itself.

Germany has already confirmed that over 80% of those who came there for “asylum” were neither Syrian, nor refugees, so as I described in the last article…these are not refugees, by and large, they are invaders.  Period.

Invaders must be treated as such, and returned to countries of origin, not lavished with the wealth of Europe for no good reason.

Hungary has shown the world how to do this.  The heroic Viktor Orban sealed off Hungary’s borders in just one month, and the fence-wall he built(along with the threat of arrest for anyone caught coming in illegally) has worked wonders!

The jewish-owned media which demonized Orban and Hungary for enacting the exact same border policies of Israel(by the way) did not succeed in cowering him.  He stood firm, like a real leader.  His policies worked instantly, and have protected the homeland of the Magyar people.  With the hundreds dead and wounded now tragically weighing upon France…this man now appears the wisest statesman on the European continent.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban attends a debate on the situation of fundamental rights in Hungary on July 2, 2013 at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, eastern France. AFP PHOTO/FREDERICK FLORIN (Photo credit should read FREDERICK FLORIN/AFP/Getty Images)


These policies must now be replicated across Europe, this is not just about securing their borders anymore, it’s about survival…and fortunately, there are now incredible signs that this process is well underway, in complete defiance of the EU!

New Era of Europe is about to Dawn

Now, finally, as Europe truly begins to understand the real threat that unchecked Islamic immigration means for Christian Europe, and that EU leadership will never do anything to protect the indigenous peoples of Europe…European countries are taking power back for themselves!

Slovenia has started building a wall along its borders as well, to protect its own populations, and maintain Slovenia for Slovenians!  They’re not alone though.

Austria has also begun to build a wall for its people as well, realizing the true scope of the threat laid against it.

It’s a good start, but they must do much more.

The peoples of Europe are being raped and killed by 3rd-world invaders, which their traitorous governments have sided with, against their own peoples, and Europeans doing something about it.

They are doing this through local, nationalist movements.  Nationalism, properly understood, is simply a nation’s immune system kicking in to ensure survival and well being.  The good news is that anti-globalist, pro-sovereignty nationalist governments are surging all across Europe….as people realize those parties were right about the EU all along!

From France, where National Front leader, Marine Le Pen, is now the leading candidate in the presidential polls

To Poland, where the nationalist party there was such a juggernaut, winning so many seats, that there’s literally no Leftist MP’s in the entire government!  By the way, if you want to see how strong the nationalist movement in Poland is…here’s a shot of their recent Warsaw rally, where over 50,000 marched against globalist banks, and for Polish sovereignty!  Glorious!

Paris 6

To Finland, where the True Finns party has now begun to dominate the elections…

To Sweden, a beautiful country(turned into the rape capital of the entire Western world by Muslim immigrants, seriously, google “Sweden rape”), who’s nationalist party has surged to the largest in the nation…

To Denmark, now also closing its borders, and electing nationalists…

Now, there are a few nationalist movements & parties who are hard Left, and will double down on failure, like the Scottish National Party, who wants to increase the influx of these invaders, but all in all, most of them are hard Right, against globalism, and pro-sovereignty.

Nationalist, pro-identity, anti-globalist, anti-EU movements are going from strength to strength.  They were already a verifiable groundswell in Europe….but now the startling terror attack upon Paris will only serve to supercharge these sovereignty movements into a political tsunami!

It seems the reality of the religious and cultural threat to European civilization that EU policies have proven(and the urge to survive an ethnic replacement by the treacherous traitors in Brussels), may finally accomplish what no financial crisis has yet accomplished:

The beginning of the end of the monstrous EU experiment.  That day can’t come soon enough.


SD Bullion

The insane policy of open borders(a totally neo-liberal, globalist policy), and taking in every warm-bodied Muslim from North Africa to Chechnya, and giving them free stuff in northern, Protestant Europe…is ending quickly.

President Assad of Syria, who warned Europe that ISIS would infiltrate Europe through illegal immigration into Europe, from his country, was absolutely spot on.  Russia’s thoroughly successful efforts in Syria to date should be celebrated, and aided, but in a way that truly cooperates to truly eradicate ISIS, and not remove Assad.

Europe belongs to Europeans, not 3rd-world moochers.

The EU is a globalist, bankster construct meant to undermine that truth, but thankfully the peoples of Europe will not allow this to occur.  The last country left, still in need of a strong nationalist movement is Germany, and their movements from AfD, to PEGIDA, are now swelling in size as well.  When that movement reaches ‘escape velocity’, it’s curtains for the precious globalist wet-dream of a “United States of Europe”.

Here’s a truth that no one else will tell you:

Civilization is not a given.  It’s not a right, it’s a blessed privilege.  

It is also incredibly fragile, and must be protected.  Thank God for the patriots of Europe who’re willing to do what it takes to defend Christian civilization, I pray for the same sort of heroes to emerge here.

Open borders and unchecked, mass immigration is not an act of love…

It is an act of war upon your own people: economic war, cultural war, ethnic war, and(as seen in Paris)…actual war!

Border control and security just became the #1 issue on everyone’s mind, in every country!  Open borders are a suicide pact for entire nations, including the United States.  Strong leaders take action to protect their peoples, and Viktor Orban has courageously shown Europe & the West the way to make it happen.

Local sovereignty works, and guarded, walled borders work(which is why globalists oppose both).

A picture normally says 1,000 words,but looking at the image beneath of the Hungarian wall,just a few came to mind:

“If you build it…they won’t come!”

Orban 1

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