Silver Myths Smashed: The Most Commonly Spoken Silver Lie Today

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Wicked Men Hate Truth

“Truth is treason in the empire of lies.”

The powerful quote above is most often attributed to Dr. Ron Paul.  Though I’ve  never seen this attribution verified beyond any doubt, it is fitting that he should be credited with it, even if he wasn’t the first to say it.

My brothers, we live in an age of ulterior motives, agendas, and untruths.  It’s undeniable.

If you don’t believe me, then consider this: how many sources do you trust to give you the full, unvarnished run-down on the matters that are really important to you?  The things you feel you cannot go without knowing in this world…who do you turn to, for an analysis which you’d consider completely selfless and trustworthy?

Do you turn on the TV?  Is that where you find truth?

Do you listen to your elected officials? (Dear God, I certainly hope not!)

Do you read the newspaper, or turn on the radio?

Do you hop online, to check out Fox News, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, MSN, or Huffpo?

Chances are, you probably rolled your eyes or chuckled when I mentioned every last one of those sources of information.

It’s not surprising.  Everywhere you turn, you’re barraged with lies.

Understandably, and unfortunately, it’s made our generation a bit cynical.

Why do we live in such a time as this, where lies are “truth”, and real truths are unspeakable?

I submit it’s because, we live in an empire of lies.  The financial and monetary system that benefits a select few at the top, goes marching on, seeking to pilfer and subdue others, so that the pyramid of debt can grow ever taller, upon the backs of billions of lives.


Yet, Truth always stands in the way of that agenda, doesn’t it?

Truth empowers people, it gives organic confidence and faith in things that are wholesome and real. It restores lives and livelihoods.  It gives sovereignty and integrity back to communities.  It lifts us up, and shines a pure light that scatters the vampires, the morlocks, and the werewolves in our world.

Real truth has the power to give you your life back, and render besetting evils impotent.

“Great Watchman, so you like truth!  So what exactly does this have to do with silver?”  

Oh, friend, do you not see?

Silver is one of the most powerful truths God has given us.

Silver is a siren, shrieking out to warn the masses of the crimes perpetrated against them.

Silver shields you against financial fraud and malevolence.

Silver inoculates its owners against the disease of inflationary central banking.

Silver’s blood(from these price smashes) cries out from the very ground, to indict the London, and Wall Street marauders.

Silver, and those who own it, stand as a great Judge, pointing ten million fingers at the perpetrators of HFT spoofing fraud, of bank bailouts, of wars of empire, of political profligacy, of LIBOR scandals, of drug-laundering, and myriad other crimes, saying:

You are Guilty!



Silver is one of the most potent truths in our world, and is therefore considered anathema to the global elites. Simply put, the financial elites hate silver, because they hate truth itself.

SD Bullion

If truth be treason, then silver’s very existence is a high form of eternal treason.

So, whaddaya say, brothers!  Ready to commit some silver treason against these globalists with me?!

Excellent!  So, let’s have some fun, as we take a hammer to some of the most goofy silver lies in our time.

By the way, if you’re one of the proud Shield Brothers who are charging headlong into the gates of hell, by buying even more silver, as the HFT carpet bombings continue to be carried out all around you, then brother:

I salute you!

Still, our brave schiltron will be continually pelted by lies to steal their confidence, and slow their momentum. I intend to go through some of these lies systematically, and puncture their tires, so that you can continue going from strength to strength.

The Most Common Silver Lie Today

Perhaps you’ve read or heard it stated in a forum, perhaps you’ve read it in a YouTube comments section, or maybe you heard it from just a random stranger.

The exchange goes something like this:

“Dude, you want me to put my cash into the Dow at 17,000, with QE “winding down”?  Don’t be silly.  I’m buying more silver!”

“Lulz.  Good luck with that!”, they say, and then it comes…

“Silver’s going to $5 dollars!”

Smoke facepalm

Ah yes, the most uniquely absurd combination of 5 otherwise, perfectly good words in the English language, all strung out in a nice, neat necklace for the clueless to wear.  Of all the harebrained things that could come out of another person’s mouth, this one just about takes the cake.

Let’s take a closer look at what this person is really saying, and let’s apply its actual meaning.

A Tale of Two Silvers

First of all, this person has no idea about some of the fundamental things that we do.  Such as the fact that there is no silver market, there is only a long silver con.

What I mean by that, is that there is no major exchange in the West which will actually bring all the silver to market that it can, and simply allow buyers and sellers to exchange ounce for ounce, without the cancer of naked, high-frequency-traded(HFT), ultra-levered futures contracts over-shadowing and under-mining the entire price discovery process.

Put simply: no major exchange, with price-setting power, just brings silver to the marketplace, and lets the chips fall where they may.  Yet. The central banks(such as the Fed, BIS, IMF, and Bank of England), all have major “market makers”(read market riggers) in place, who use their multi-million dollar trading platforms to annihilate any uppity parties who get any “big ideas” about taking large, long sides of the trade.

They take the new longs on, and become the sell(short) side, anytime that danger rears its head. When the new buyers are all “maxed out”, the banks then simply pull the trigger on the sell side, and aim the price for the exact point where they know will start the HFT programs of the hedge funds(the buyers), to switch from being buyers to sellers.  They do it over and over again.

In other words, the banks simply absorb the buying, and then push a snowball over the cliff’s edge, in just such a way as to cause a proper price avalanche.

It’s devious.  It’s wicked.  It’s highly immoral.  And it’s given the full stamp of approval by the U.S. government itself.

Real Silver

That’s a shorthand look at how Comex contracts, or “paper silver” works(or doesn’t work).  So, when that sadly unobservant person talks to you about  “$5 silver”, they’re not even aware that they’re merely talking about a contractual arrangement of some rigged exchange, to deliver adequate metal to everyone who wants it, for a quoted price, within a certain timeframe.


Real silver, however, as history shows us, “decouples” or disconnects from those phony bologna contracts when the banks get too ambitious with the downward spikes.

For instance, in 2008, just after the Financial Crisis kicked into high gear, JP Morgan succeeded in driving the price of Comex contract silver from $21 to $8 and change!  All within a few months!

I remember being giddy, as I searched the coin shops, the online shops, and ebay threads, looking to load up on $8 silver.

But something strange happened…

This mystical creature called $8 silver, was nowhere to be found.  Anywhere!

Like Bigfoot himself, there were plenty of “sightings” of $8 silver on silver price widgets, but not a single documented case of anyone actually acquiring $8 silver!

Not at the big online retailers.  Not at the eBay auctions.  Not at my local coin shop.

Especially not at my local coin shop: where I did happen to find silver to buy, by the way….for $14 per troy oz!

“What!” this newbie Watchman told the shop-keeper, “$14! Why that’s 6 bucks higher than my computer says!”

SD Bullion

“Oh!” he responded, “well then, just ask the nice computer to sell some to you for $8!”

And just like that: I got it!  I understood!

The Comex price widget can say whatever it wants, but there is a limit to the binding spell that it casts.

There’s a limit to what behaviors it can influence.

Somewhere, at some point, reality and human survival instinct asserts itself, and keeps people from doing financially suicidal things: like selling precious treasure to other people, for prices that will put them out of business overnight!

Sadly, many mining companies in that crisis refused to learn reality, and those mines went totally under!

Investors are learning that a Comex contract can dictate numbers all they want, but they cannot make them puke up their silver hoards to strangers, for pennies on the dollar.

While this fiat monetary system is alive and kicking, actual silver(which is evaporating by the day in the global supply pool) will never be exchanged among knowledgeable, living, breathing investors for $5 again.  

There is an enormous difference between the price of a Comex contract, and silver itself. Each of you must know this difference, and learn how to make it work for you.


Since there is no “price support” for silver, and no true market in general, the financial crooks, through their HFT battleships, can take the price of a Comex futures contract wherever they want.

There are some in the silver community who say, “paper silver’s going to 0”.  What they mean by that is that at some point they expect that the silver metal that humanity demands will no longer be adequately met by those in humanity who wish to go on producing and procuring actual silver to deliver at $5.  They expect many producers, miners, refiners, and recylers to simply throw in the towel, in order to avoid incurring anymore red ink on their balance sheets.  Why go through the motions, when you’re going to be rewarded with bankruptcy?

At that point, the Comex(or the LBMA, pick your favorite fake exchange), will have no choice but to default on delivery at that price.  Followed by an enormous revaluation higher of actual metal in your hand.

Is this scenario possible?  I think it is, but only if the crooks who run these things intend to take it that low.  Since this Watchman is proudly not an insider, and doesn’t know their intent, I refuse to tell my brothers: “this is how it will happen!”  

Why pretend to know their plans, when I just don’t have any idea? My job isn’t to pretend to know what insiders are planning, merely only to watch what they’re currently doing as best I can, and bring that news to you, my brothers.

However, the truth remains: if the crooks do take the price of a Comex contract down to that level, and agree to deliver 5,000 physical ounces to as many parties as possible, at the “price” of $5(making the 5,000 oz contract worth a paltry $25,000), then expect China and India alone, to step in and buy:

“All dee silver in dee whole world!”

Expect stackers, like us, to go nuts, even if the actual price of metal in your hand is $12 to $15(with a Comex contract price at $5).  Expect millions of new faces to suddenly want to buy silver, who’d never given the stuff a 2nd glance in their entire lives.

Just as physicians in a hospital could take a patient’s heartbeat to 2 beats per minute, so too can the CME and bullion bank price riggers most easily take a Comex contract price down to $5(or less). It’s enormously simple, and with a few mouse clicks in the right, HFT, bullion-bank-trading platforms, they could do it today, if they wanted.  Just like the physicians’ actions in the hospital though, would kill the patient, taking a Comex contract to $5 would kill the mechanisms which control said price, and more importantly, which control the actions of billions of people.

Doing so would set off a flurry of malpractice lawsuits, in both scenarios.

Doing so would gut our market controllers, and set the price of silver free to heights no living person has ever seen.

Doing so would send bond, equity, and housing markets reeling, everywhere.

Do you see?

There’s a mathematical endgame to all of this.  It stops, one way or another: with either a plunging, ludicrous Comex number, followed by defaults, lawsuits, and panic buying the world over.  Or it stops with an allowed Comex price spike, causing a worldwide rush to grab a resource that is simply no longer available.

It ends in Fire, or it ends in Ice, but make no mistake, it does end!

Heck, yes they could take a Comex Contract to $5 easy peasy, but doing so would take it to $0, as the Comex delivery system would no longer be a viable, going concern.

So, shield brother, the next time some troll screams this hilarious one-liner of “Silver’s going to $5!”, at you.

Just look em’ square in the eye, and say:


Continued, in Part 2

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