(Silver Knockout, Pt 3): Humanity’s Courageous Plan to Defeat the Dragon!

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“Fairy tales do not give the child his first idea of bogey. What fairy tales give the child is his first clear idea of the possible defeat of bogey. The baby has known the dragon intimately ever since he had an imagination. What the fairy tale provides for him is a St. George to kill the dragon.” -G.K. Chesterton


Battlements of Gold

As we have clearly seen, brothers, the money power which the banking Dragon has possessed, and unleashed upon its challengers, is a most deadly one, indeed.

“The City” may have constructed a bloody war machine, unparalleled in their time, which has piled a dreadful mound of countless skulls, but the entire war machine, and the Dragon itself, were built upon the foundation of gold.  

Owning and controlling vast tonnage of gold is what enabled bankers in “the City” to carve a gory swathe through humanity “that the sun never set upon”.

Very early on, the Dragon banksters knew that gold was both the foundation, and the strategic point on the battlefield that “the City” had to occupy.  So that’s what they did.

They set to work to attract gold, to trade it, to loot it, to steal it, to stockpile it, and most importantly…

To price it.

When you have sufficient quantities of gold, that you can back your nation’s currency with gold, then you are powerful.

But, when you have the innumerable quantities of gold required to enable you to actually price it for the rest of humanity, then your power is in a league of its own.

Long ago, the banking Dragon had reached the point where they could set, or “fix” the price of gold worldwide from “the City”, because they owned so very much of it.  It was accomplished by working out gold fixes(not in the 1890’s as is commonly quoted), but several centuries earlier, by the LBMA’s own fascinating admission(by the way, this short document is a must read, as we find the culprits for precious metals market-rigging were the exact same in the 1600’s, as they are in 2014)!

By setting up the world’s premiere bourse for trading gold, they were able to gradually wrest the gold(and thereby, the control) from the European scene, dominate trade, and build their mighty gears of battle.

The real reason that British were able to extend their scepter, and bring mighty kingdoms low, was that they owned “all the gold”, many thousands of tonnes of it.  Even to this day, they hold thousands of tonnes of gold “on deposit” for the central banks of others.

The Gold Vault at the Bank of England

A gold-filled tunnel, under the Bank of England, in the Dragon’s Cave(the City of London)

This golden stockpile has allowed them to maintain control of the entire world’s fractional-reserve, debt-based, fiat monetary system.  Without the gold, none of that is possible!

The World Learned of the Con

Oh, Watchman, if only the other nations knew what we know about the gold and silver market rigging!

Brother, they do know!  Trust me!  Let me humbly remind you, that you and I….are nobodies!

If ‘nobodies’ like us know as much as we do, rest assured that the Dragon’s opponents know all this, and vastly more.  Years ago, the intrepid folks at GATA, held one of their gold conferences, explaining to the audience just exactly how the Western central banks were manipulating the price of gold and silver, and how those control mechanisms functioned.

One of the key attendees at this conference, was one Andrey Bykov, a high level advisor to Russian head of State,Vladimir Putin.  Bykov praised the information that GATA provided, and returned to the Kremlin to tell them what he knew.  Not long after that, the Central Bank of Russia(CBR) began noticeably buying hundreds of tonnes of gold, in a process that has not only continued, but ramped into high gear right now.

Soon they were followed by the Chinese central bank, and Chinese citizens as well, who all joined India, in the stacking which they’d already done for centuries.  All these nations, being past victims of the bankster Wyvern, carefully considered all this information, and formulated a most judicious plan of attack upon the Dragon, to wrest his golden amulet of power from his clutches.

The Dragon’s Great Weakness

But Watchman, if the only way the Dragon can be beaten is to have his gold taken away, then there’s no hope!

Thankfully you are wrong, my friend!  Do not despair!  You must know hope!  

For the Beast doesn’t need to be assaulted in his lair, in fact, the BRICS well know that direct confrontation with the banking Dragon must be avoided at all costs, for as long as possible.  They also know something, which has made them exceedingly bold, even in the face of such an adversary:

Humanity doesn’t need to “take away” the Dragon’s gold, because the Dragon is going to freely give it to them!

You heard me correctly!

Here’s what must be understood: the banking Dragon is both a creature of fear and hate, even while abiding in his stronghold.  The bankers have always been in a pickle, because at the heart of their power lies a great paradox, that even they cannot solve.  The problem has always been one and the same for them, and that is this:

Gold, while being the source of their power, must be “given away”, in order to maintain their power! The greatest source of their strength, must be sold onto the open market.  That is because the gold price suppression scheme has only been hugely successful to this point, by dumping the gold they already owned onto the market.  They must do so, because they must create the illusion that there is a vast glut of gold in the world, and thereby convince the nations that their own debt-based, fiat currencies are actually the place of strength!

SD Bullion

People have been led to believe they can trust the Dragon and its currencies of lies, of slavery, and of death, because the bankers have cast this great shadow upon the truthful monies we’ve been given.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, but it has always prospered due to the lack of truth.  It is a perpetual lie, which is now in the process of being blown into a billion pieces, because now we all know what they’ve done!

This means that gold, is both the source of their seeming invincibility, as well as the source of their ultimate defeat!

It is both the armor they wear, and the guillotine above their necks!

P3 8

For they always struggle to find enough new gold to replace the gold that they’re constantly forced to sell, to maintain the price control!

The Dragon, must literally give away its own power, to maintain its own power!

Once this is understood rightly, the visions of the Dragon’s “invulnerability” melt away, and are replaced by the courage and conviction necessary to slay Him.

The Eastern Bloc Aligns to Drain the Dragon

That is a chief reason why I believe the BRICS were formed in the first place.  They were confederated after the last financial crisis(which the bankster Dragon caused), so that humanity could bring down the foe that has tormented them for so long.

Since that time, they’ve laid the groundwork for the future!

In a multi-pronged strategy, in a gallant attempt to isolate the great Dragon, and cordon off as much of the world as possible from Him, they’ve aimed to make alliances, trade agreements, currency swap agreements, energy pipeline treaties, and most importantly, they’ve aligned to drain the “the City” of many thousands of tonnes of gold.  More specifically, China, Russia, and India are either buying, or encouraging their citizens to buy, mind-boggling tonnage of gold.

No one knows just how much gold is being sucked out of that place, but my estimation is that they’re having to part with hundreds of tonnes per month!  Even higher-end estimations exist though, by folks like Jim Willie, who suggest that the bankers there have lost over 1 thousand tonnes of gold, per month, for the last 3 years!

Watchman, that’s impossible, nobody owns that much gold!

No, I strongly suspect that “the City” historically has owned that much gold. So, it’s not impossible, it’s just not provable.

They must do all this and more, while artfully dodging the banking Dragon’s attacks, which it has constantly sent against them.  The City has tried and tried to start war after war, as they’ve done in the past, to extricate themselves from this unbearable position, but so far, they’ve not succeeded.

SD Bullion

The BRICS have bought precious time, as every day the Dragon is unable to directly engage them militarily, is another day that they’ve lost even more of their power.

This process of draining the Dragon has gone into high gear, with hundreds of tonnes of gold flowing each month into India, hundreds of tonnes flowing each year into Russia, and literally thousands of tonnes flowing each year into China.

Again, just look at the gold which Shanghai alone has sucked out of the Western banks’ coffers, and into the hands of Chinese citizens!   That’s nearly 8,000 tonnes(which is equal to all the gold that the criminal U.S. government continues to pretend is still in Fort Knox!), that has gone into China just since the financial crisis!

Shanghai gold delivery

This process is ongoing, and must be carried out to the fullest extent possible, in order to subdue this banking beast!

London Vaults Empty?

Hear me now, brothers: some have said that the Dragon has been drained of all his gold.

I don’t believe this is true!

Yes, while it’s undeniably true that GOFO rates remain depressed, and oftentimes are negative, those are the “good delivery” bars in commercial vaults, and yes, those may be quickly disappearing, but let me ask you this:

What about the “off limits” gold that the Dragon possesses?  

What about the “custodial gold” that they hold for the nations, which as of last year, was still, at one point, over 6,000 tonnes(some of which was dumped onto the market, to cave gold’s price through the important $1525 mark)?

What about the secret, emergency stockpiles that they possess?  Because, as surely as the sun rises, secret stockpiles of precious metals exist!

Again, China, India, and Russia have learned the hard way….silver may be the pressure point, the instant knock-out punch, but in order to get close enough to this gargantuan beast to deal the lethal blow….

You must first deprive him of his power!

You must painfully pull every golden scale from his body!

You must yank every golden fang from his enormous snout!

You must pull off every golden talon from his paws!

You first have to render him as harmless and defenseless as possible, or you will be eaten!

Since gold continues to be the source of his true power, take away his gold, and you’ll be free to unleash a deadly 5 point knock-out blow at your leisure.

But first the dragon’s “Square Mile” Cave must be drained of gold!

The Dragon is a Phoenix

Well, Watchman, why can’t they just attack him on his silver pressure point, now that they’ve weakened the bankster Dragon by thousands of tonnes of his precious amulet?

Good question!

Remember Sauron, from “Lord of the Rings”?  Remember how Isildur cut the Golden Ring of Power from the Dark Lord’s hand?

That great victory was turned into an eventual defeat, because the allied forces failed to destroy the Dark Lord’s source of power: the Ring!

If the new allies fail to utterly remove every last vestige of the Dragon’s power, to the greatest degree possible, then even if they succeed in felling Him through his “silver pressure point”…

The Dragon will rise again!

Does anyone else remember this issue of “The Economist”?

P3 7

Unless that’s something you wanna see take shape, you’d best cheer that the Eastern Alliance doesn’t stop removing the beast’s gold, until this monstrous bane:

P3 5

Is reduced to this:

This banking Dragon is a survivor!

He is a cancer that has killed numerous hosts, and numerous financial systems, only to move to another host, and be reborn in another form, in a system which he still largely controls.

He didn’t have his start in the City of London, though he currently resides there.  The banking monster first had his start in the floating city of Venice, centuries before.  After Venice had been ruined and drained dry, the banking Dragon moved for a short spell to other places, like Amsterdam, and then finally to his “Square Mile” cave.

The truth is, the British banksters never “lost” their empire, they just changed it from an empire of overt, military control, to one of covert, financial control.  They simply crossed the pond, established the Federal Reserve here in the States, and became an Anglo-American Dragon, instead of merely an Anglo one, handing the “world policing role” to their U.S. banking Dragon partner!  

They’re now a two-headed Hydra!

I guarantee you, that the banking Dragon knows his system’s days are numbered.  In fact, he’s been preparing for it for years now.  He would love nothing better than what servants of the Dark Side, like Jim Rickards, are fawning over:

A new SDR to “save” the planet….which is actually nothing more than a desperate ploy by the Dragon, to salvage as much power for his own future reincarnation, as possible.

No, as with the assault on Sauron himself, trying to lay low the banking Beast, without utterly eliminating his true source of power, is an exercise in futility.  Since no one knows just how much gold the Dragon possesses, it makes no sense to “stop going for the gold”, and activating his “silver nerve ending” prematurely!

Only when it becomes truly obvious that his power is utterly gone, can humanity go for the kill-shot! That is, if they can avoid being drawn into the trap of another conflict by the banking monster.

Conclusion: The Dragon is Surrounded and Desperate

So, at last, brothers, we now know why the BRICS are “going for the gold”, instead of the silver: if humanity’s future is to be one of peace and freedom, the Dragon must be slain, and he can only be slain if he is rendered as weak as a kitten.

The Dragon’s golden ocean-stockpile represents centuries of murderous, ill-gotten gain.  It represents the blood, sweat, and tears of the many peoples of the globe, who produced it over their entire collective histories.

It is blood money, plain and simple, and so much gold still lies there, because of the countless number of the victims the Beast has plundered.

The BRICS are gearing up for battle, forging alliances, fencing off valuable resources from the Drake’s grasp, locking up currency and energy deals, and artfully dodging the Dragon’s attempts to engage them in war….all while using the enemy’s market rigging con against him in a most heroic way!

The Dragon is desperate and dangerous right now, keep this in mind!

For the first time in many ages, he wonders about his future, he wonders what he will do to get out of this mess.  He is desperate, and desperate creatures do desperate things.





Geo-political Intrigue



We call these things scourges, but the Dragon call them virtues!

To Him, they’re chief bullet points of pride in his ancient set of skills, and He literally specializes in all of them. The banking monster is, even now, trying to destroy the Russian member of the alliance, by tanking oil, and cratering the Ruble itself!  These are perilous times, to be sure!

Yet, much hope remains!

As the allied nations, the Eastern Bloc, and countless stackers(such as the shield brothers in our ranks!), continue to gouge the Enemy, to give him no rest or quarter, it remains possible that this Blight upon the world can, at last, be extinguished forever.

The Dragon has always believed that the earth is His, and of course, he’s mistaken.

The earth is the Lord’s, and the meek and lowly, such as you and I, shall inherit it.

The takeaway here is that some fairy tales are real!

All of you who stack, you are all a part of this actual fairy tale come-to-life!  The Dragon, who has trampled countless victims in his lifespan, is now on the ropes!

The hero, the Knight of this story…isn’t just the BRICS, or defiant nations,but….

It’s you, noble warrior!

P3 16

It’s time to “screw your courage to the sticking place”!  Gird yourselves up, for this fight is red hot!

Even other nations who reside in the West(but who’ve secretly hated his rule all along), are standing up to actually demand that the Dragon return to them all the gold that He once “stored safely” for them!

Now is the time to strike at the heart of the Beast!  

Now is the time to stand up and be counted among the numbers of free humanity!

Every stacker has a role to play in this fight: whether to remove a little of the Dragon’s power(gold), or to go for my personal favorite, his knockout, pressure point(silver)!

Oh mighty Drake!  We all know the source from which your power flows, and you stand before us naked!

You are increasingly fang’less, and claw’less, and your ancient armor, is splintering and fleeing away from you!

We know that silver is the “Lights Out” metal, which will shut down your very nervous system, and cause your blood to run cold, but we will also steal away your oxygen, your power!

Your gold!

Now that we know this, we won’t rest til you are finished, forever.  We will make it our personal mission to end you. No one will mourn your passing, oh great Drake!  For you neither mourned nor cared for a single one of your victims throughout your miserable, malevolent existence.

Ah, but the hour for you grows late!

For those of us who have bought silver and gold, we are, ALL OF US, a St. George!  

You face not one St. George, ancient Worm, but billions of St. George’s riding upon your lonely flanks!

We won’t stop until you are an ash heap, and your very memory has, mercifully, passed away.  We ride as an great host, upon our steeds, and by God, we will slay you!

Nighty nite, Demon!


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