Reason # 4 The Silver Noose Is Tightening

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 An Affront to Justice

Have you ever voted before? Now, I know your mind is probably going straight to a political ballot box when I ask that, but I’m not merely talking about a political vote.

In fact, most votes aren’t political, are they?  There are shareholder votes, to determine new leaders and board members.  There are organizational and religious votes, to choose by-laws and membership.  Heck, there are even votes at work, over what type of lunch the company will opt for that day, for its employees. People cast their support(or opposition) for people or things all the time. It’s natural and healthy for this happen in most cases.

Would you have gone through all that trouble to participate in each of those votes though, if you knew beforehand that the whole thing was rigged? That the outcome was already determined, and that the winning candidate had already been chosen by someone else?  Someone who didn’t want to risk the “wrong” choice being made by well-meaning(but ignorant) people like yourself? Of course not.

No one with a conscience, or an ounce of self-respect, would willingly, knowingly, participate in a rigged vote, and not simply for the reason that it’s a waste of time or money, but more importantly, because it’s an insult, a farce.  It’s an affront to our sense of justice, and an insult to our intelligence and our dignity. That’s why you’ll never see anyone involved in such a fraud actually admit to it: fraud and trickery only work if done in secret.  When the whole pretense of fairness goes out the window, even the moods of people who never participated in the process, can suddenly go from apathetic to outraged. The very moment that veil of secrecy is lifted, and those who are being tricked find out the truth, is the moment the fraud is no longer possible. Hell hath no fury like a person cheated!

Silver Rigging Awareness

That’s entirely the way that this silver manipulation story is beginning to play out as well. The more that people learn how these “markets” truly work, the more people are stirred to action.

SD Bullion

I know it doesn’t feel like it sometimes, but the silver market riggers are losing, and badly. The consciousness about this issue is slowly changing, there’s no doubt about it.

Just ask folks like Ted Butler or the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee(GATA), who for years have blown the whistle on the fraud within silver and gold markets. The fight has been an uphill battle from the start for them, yet they’ll both tell you that crimes within the silver and gold markets has never been more widely or acutely understood.

For instance, during the Financial Crisis in 2008, when JP Morgan assumed the silver short position of Bear Stearns, and crashed silver’s price from over $21 to $8 and change, virtually no one was talking about the banks’ role in all that.  The words “silver” and “manipulation” were never even uttered together.  

I remember everyone wringing their hands back then, as folks tried to find an explanation for why silver’s price was free-falling.  People were really beginning to believe that they’d simply made a poor investment decision.  They entertained lies like “silver just doesn’t do well in a depression”, or “dollar strength is making silver unattractive”(though silver’s investment sales tripled in that one year, during the crisis).

Today, no talks like that in our circles.  Nearly everyone in our community knows the game is rigged.

SD Bullion

For a fun experiment, try googling “Silver manipulation” and see what happens!  Awareness is growing, which again means: the noose is tightening.  We can talk about all the reasons that silver is going into a shortage til the cows come home, but the plain and simple truth is that YOU are the reason silver is becoming difficult to obtain.  You are the noose around these criminals!

People get fighting mad when they hear about Morgan Stanley storing phantom silver for their “clients”.

People get fighting mad when they hear about JP Morgan’s cornering the silver market on the sell side.

People get fighting mad when the hear about the regulators, like the CFTC, being co-conspirators with the worst financial crooks in charge of silver’s price suppression.

People get fighting mad when they hear about a handful of banks in the City of London, who controlled silver’s price every day, for 117 years, through a “London Silver Fix(Which, by the way, finally ended, due to a German Financial regulator bringing the fraud to light).

People get fighting mad when they hear that the “new” Silver Fix is just as rigged as the old Silver Fix!

People get fighting mad when they discover that the banks sold 200 times more silver last year, than was actually produced by planet earth.

There’s no doubt that the people behind this massive con have benefited from utter secrecy for decades, centuries, even. With the advent of the internet now, however, that’s all gone.  No secret is safe, especially, financial secrets of a fraudulent, malevolent nature.  The old adage about vampires hating sunlight is powerful, and applies directly to these crooks: Sunlight is being shown down upon them, and their schemes cannot last in such an environment of truth-telling.

 The Stages of a Fledgling Movement

We humans are fascinating creatures.  We tend to behave differently in groups than we do by ourselves.  Knowledge of this is crucial when it comes to building a movement like ours. I encourage you to watch this humorous and interesting video beneath, illustrating this very point.

Can you imagine being the dancing guy in this video?  Do you think he imagined that when he got out there to fearlessly dance and go crazy, that it would inspire so many others to do likewise?  Do you think he had a clue that his actions would become an instructional piece on human nature?  I doubt it.  Go back though, and if necessary, watch that video a second time, carefully, as there are definitely some very key lessons for our community within that video.

Sometimes we all tend to believe, that everyone is just like us.  It’s very easy to assume that, say, everyone knows the Federal Reserve is a private bank, or that a group of primary dealer banks hold down precious metals prices to protect the illusion of U.S. dollar strength.

The great danger for us though, is that after reading these sorts of things for hours a week, month after month, and even year after year, these mind-blowing facts become “normal” for us, don’t they? We don’t just accept them as truth, we assume them to be “self-evident” truths, and that is a grave mistake.  These things are not self-evident, they’re not commonly known.  That’s exactly why I’m trying to do in this Truth HQ: make this stuff just a little more commonly known. Sometimes, reading these precious metals websites, it seems some of these commentators think we’ve reached “escape velocity” for this movement, and that our silver and gold truth community has reached the 2:25 mark.  I’d put the reality closer to the 1:25 mark.  We’re only just now starting to really reach people, which is good, but we’ve got a long, long way to go.

The Truth movement, or Liberty Movement, has made great strides in educating people about financial issues for the last 6 or 7 years, but on the whole, oddly enough they’re still trying to reach the tipping point, they’re still trying to be mainstream and generally accepted, as in the video above. If that is true for the Liberty Movement in general, then it’s true in spades for the Silver and Gold movement, which is really almost a sub-section of the larger Truth movement.  It’s easy to begin to think that everyone knows that there are no free markets in gold and silver, but the truth is that most folks don’t even know what gold and silver are.

I’m not saying these things to discourage our troops, on the contraryit’s astounding to think that the silver “market” is close to breaking, with so few people even knowing about silver, much less that its price is manipulated! That’s what this series on silver has been all about: showing how little silver there really is out there to buy, and how much of an impact such a small band of truth-tellers can have upon it.

Not 1 person 10,000 knows the things we know. Yet, there’s not even enough silver in the world right now to deliver to that 1 in 10,000!  That’s my point.  That’s what makes this all so surreal.

What will happen when the silver tipping point is reached, and the shortage really and truly begins?

What will happen when everyone discovers that the wealth they own is a phantasm, and that the only thing that’s been levitating their currency, their bank accounts, their 401ks, or even their home’s value has been merely a group of banks, injecting trillions of dollars into the markets?

What will happen when it’s not just 1 in 10,000, but billions of people, trying to flee into the safety of silver?

When this: Crowd   Tries to squeeze through this: Narrow path All at the same time?!

That’s why I’m encouraging you to be stalwart!  Stand fast and be courageous, like that crazy guy in that dancing video. Who cares what people may think about you?  Those people don’t have a clue, they are to be pitied!

Who cares about the forces arrayed against us?  I know the odds, trust me!  Some people have used the analogy of David and Goliath to describe this fight.  This is not David and Goliath! I’d love to have odds that good!   The reality is more like this: Thor_vs_A_Giant_colored_by_bear65 That makes this all the more satisfying!  The best part about this story, is that they’re not being brought down by the mighty, but by the meek. For that enormous giant will be felled by tiny people, just like you and me.  These market riggers believe themselves invincible, but they’re far from it.  They’re losing their grip on their monetary control.   The crooks at the CFTC, the CME, the Comex, the City of London, Wall Street, JP Morgan, the Fed, the BIS, the IMF, the World Bank, all of them: they want you to feel and believe that you’re weak and helpless, but you’re not!  You’re stronger than you realize.  Edward Snowden was just one man, and just look at how he has transformed international moods and feelings toward the surveillance state!  One day, we will reach the same “tipping point” here in our fight as well.


Do not fear these banks or the games they play, but do refuse to play their game their way.

Do not fear $17 or even $15 silver, should it come, and it may.  The more hilariously low these banks press it, the quicker they will beat themselves.

Do not fear this game continuing indefinitely, for despite how it feels on days like today, this silver and gold rigging game cannot and will not last forever, either.

Be bold, be fearless, hold tightly to your precious silver and gold, and tell others what you know about the crimes being committed.  Shine your light everywhere, all the time.

Laugh at their games, and know their end is coming, for the extreme desperation of these banks will hasten the day upon which this crime in progress will be finished.

Concluded, in Part 5

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