Proof of the Precious Metals Bull Market, is Always Reflected Here…

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Bold Brush Strokes

As I’ve mentioned before to our warriors, if you want to show newcomers the real bull market in precious metals these days, the best place to point them isn’t the price charts.  While prices are much higher than they were 10 years ago, they’re also a snapshot of a crime in progress. We shouldn’t forget that.  As Brother John has said, the charts are a picture of the manipulation plan in action, a plan that we don’t fully know til it’s in hindsight.  Gold and silver price charts are photos of high financial deceit, and as we all know, photos can be doctored.

This is especially true in the gold and silver arena, where banks like JP Morgan, Scotiabank, etc have more control over every brush stroke than ole Bob Ross himself!

Want to take the morale of chart-watching stackers, and chop it up in a blender for 3 or 4 years?  No prob!


Want to give the impression of a “false break out” on Leap Day 2012, and really pull the rug out from under the new spec longs for another 3 years?

SD Bullion

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These charts are cleverly-painted, over many years, to communicate a false narrative that those in power want, no, NEED the common person to see and hear.

It’s no different than when they tell us things like:

“The job market is getting better, trust us!”  (while they doctor the BLS data with silly “birth/death” models, and stop counting folks who’ve given up searching for work altogether)

“There is no inflation!”   (while their models leave out nifty items like medical care, insurance, food, housing, higher education, cab fares, and the stock market itself)

 “We need to spend trillions fighting a ‘War on Terror'”!   (As they go about starting coups, training ISIS, and overthrowing democratically-elected governments around the globe)

Just as with those items, the constant, criminal rigging of gold and silver is necessary for DC and the banks, in order to reinforce the bold-faced lie that everything is hunky dory in the West.

The Golden Truth

That’s why when folks ask me, “Watchman, how do you know that the bull market in gold and silver didn’t end in 2011?”, I always take their focus off the charts(which is the enemy’s matrix), and point them in a very different place.

Instead, I always point them to sales figures, because demand data is much harder to fudge than charts are!  They’re not impossible to tamper with, of course, but, due to the much more transparent reporting out of parts East, they’re a superb indicator of what’s truly going on.  Thanks to reporting of that data, we have all the ammunition we need for the ongoing fight.

Just look at the stacking going on, it’s really getting monstrous, as at this point, remember, most folks buying in India and China are not panic buying!  They’re simply buying because acquiring gold and silver is a time-honored, traditional mindset.  A young man or woman who doesn’t have such sovereign wealth to speak of, isn’t someone who’s prepared for the next phase of their lives.

So, let’s have a peak at the True Mirror of the state of gold and silver health: demand!  For instance, feast your eyes on the Chinese demand so far this year:

Gold 9

How sweet it is!

SGE gold Jan 23rd

In the first 3 weeks alone, China has removed over 202 tonnes of gold from available gold supply!

Now, I know that usually in the earlier part in the year, China ups its stacking game, due to the new Year, but still, the Chinese have bought what roughly amounts to 10 tonnes per day, for the first 3 weeks of the year!

The earth, minus China and Russia, only really mines about 7 tonnes per day!  So, once again, you have Western countries shipping out huge numbers of legacy gold, just to buy time.

Remember the Ukrainian gold that was stolen by the West, just after the Victoria Nuland coup in Kiev?  Yeah, that “huge” 30 tonne gold hoard wouldn’t last 3 days in Shanghai!

Let me remind you, that as astounding as these numbers are, these are just “gifting” or seasonal gold purchases!  The alarm bells for most folks, even in China, aren’t ringing yet, not even close. Sure, some there may think that housing is too high, or that equities are a bit unstable, but for hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens, the “good times” are still rolling!

Again, I ask you, brothers:

What on earth is going to happen when the fall-out becomes “indiscreet” to the general public there?  What happens when it’s apparent that the central banking jugglers are dropping every last ball in the sky?

What happens when this casual gold-buying, becomes panic gold-buying in China and India?

What happens, when this chart’s ascending black curve becomes a hockey-stick?

SGE Deliveries 2015.php

I’m telling you now: when the first signs of another Lehman event become known….unless, the SGE somehow “caps” what can be withdrawn, you could see SGE gold withdrawals numbering 200, 300, 500 tonnes in a single week.  Maybe much more(provided, that is, if that amount of timely gold can even be sourced.  I suspect it cannot.).

When hundreds of millions of Chinese suddenly understand the dangers that their savings (and the system itself) is facing, you’ll see hundreds of billions of dollars in wealth, try to move into gold(and silver), in a most spirited manner!

Where will that gold come from?

Is it any wonder why the banksters have now opted to stop reporting GOFO rates?  We can’t have such a reliable measure of available, wholesale gold left for stacking warriors to gaze upon, can we?

Silver’s Mirror

What about silver?  It’s now apparent that even after a record sales year for silver in 2014, both in all major government coin sales, as well as in several countries(such as India), 2015 is showing no signs of slowing down this pace, as we’d believed would happen.

We know that 2014 was a year in which nearly all previous sales figures for silver and gold were crushed, despite the fact that the chart-painters were able to paint one of the ugliest pictures you ever saw. Not only did the government mints basically all set new all-time records, but countries did too!

We know that India, in just the last 2 years, has now imported a mind-boggling sum of silver, totaling over 13,000 tonnes!

Mind you, this is just in 2 years, and looking at the those numbers in terms of raw rupees, you get the impression that their hearts aren’t even totally in it!  When just a fraction of the rupees that are flowing into gold, begin to float into silver….

The rigging will stop, forever.

The sales data for silver is so good right now, and so difficult to paint in a bad light, that news outlets are just starting to make stuff up!

Get a load of this line, from the Rothschild-owned “news” organ, Reuters!  As they’ve just reported that:

Silver also had a slow start to the year, with 5.53 million ounces sold in January, more than double December’s total but the lowest for January since 2010.

Seriously, 5.53 million in January is a “slow start”, and the “lowest since 2010”?

Huh, well I suppose that would be true…if you just conveniently pretend that 2014 never happened!

Look for yourself, from the US Mint’s own 2014 sales figures:

( OZ. / #COINS )
January 4,775,000

You must never forget: the banking families, the elites, are truly terrified of silver.  They hate and loathe it, and thus every opportunity to denigrate, trash, and destroy it must be taken.

That quote above from Reuters, my friends, is not “spin”!  Spinning a story, means taking a line of truth, and focusing on the least flattering angle of that truth possible.

There is no other way to say this, so I’ll just say it: that line wasn’t a mistake, or a typo, that quote above is an outright lie, and they know it!.  There is now so little negative news regarding silver sales(the true reflection), that I guess they’ve concluded that negative sound-bytes must be totally invented.


Always remember, if the bull market in silver and gold had ended in 2011, we’d be seeing record sums of bullion being liquidated and sold back through secondary markets, in a long, ugly process that would still be ongoing to this day.

Instead, we are seeing the complete opposite of that!

We haven’t seen any panic or climactic selling by the overwhelming percentage of investors.

We are not seeing China or India reducing their purchases into cratering prices.

We aren’t witnessing Silver Eagles, Maples, of Philharmonics sales figures going down the drain.

We certainly are not seeing central banks selling gold in any size!

Anybody who’s anybody is either repatriating or buying, and doing so in a big way.

There is so little selling going on, that even most of the “we buy gold” stores in my neck of the woods have gone out of business since 2011!  This is true, because there are so few sellers of gold or silver at these prices, that even those shops can’t remain a going concern!

In bull markets, you always see inexorably higher curves of demand for something.

In the housing bubble, the Nasdaq bubble, Nikkei bubble, etc, you always saw investor buying skyrocket, until it crescendo-ed in a literal frenzy of panic-buying.  We’re seeing the same things now in sovereign debt, in equities, and in dollars….the climactic, panic-buying stage of the game is going on right now.

Ah, however, the bull market of silver and gold though, is very different from those bubbles…for unlike those bubbles, which were all artificially taken to lofty heights through a conscious effort of governments and banks herding investors into them…

Silver and Gold have reached where they are, in spite of sovereigns and banks trying to herd the masses out of them!

Silver and gold, are actually anti-bubbles, reverse bubbles, if you will.  The demand figures are the true mirror, the real reflection, not only of what wealth is, but of the real state of the global economy. This honest mirror is showing those with eyes to see, just how the smartest folks in the world are preparing for something ominous that is coming.

Don’t be angry at the masses who believed the political classes, who listened to the government narratives, especially the gold and silver narratives about “downtrends” or “barbarous relics”

Pity these poor souls, instead.  For when all the cruel illusions of rosy recoveries, or of economic strength and stability is finally shattered…

Then billions of them will finally see the real state of the world reflected back to them for the first time…

I do not envy them on that dreadful day.

SD Bullion

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