One Man’s Daring Proposal to Restore True Greek Sovereignty

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Restoring Greek Sovereignty, Solvency, and Pride


This week we take a look at a truly bold and daring plan that was proposed to the current Greek government, in order to restore economic balance, as well as Greek sovereignty.

This man(a billionaire) has been tirelessly working on this simple formula for years, which could most easily be replicated in any country.

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We’ll talk about the other national government that his proposal has been brought up in…and we’ll find out who killed the bill(at the last minute) each and every time!

We tackle the question: why hasn’t anyone done this yet?  And can such a solution even succeed in the current system?

Lastly, brothers, please remember that despite the system we’re in, there are plenty of solutions that can be(and are being) pursued right now to restore real sovereignty!

In fact…on Monday I’ll write about a particular place that’s just crafted a simple, yet ingenious bill, to help gold and silver truly circulate in its borders as a means of payment.  

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Stay tuned!



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