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Here’s a short list of sites that this Watchman finds extraordinary value in!  

This list will grow as time goes on:

SGT is a real, honest-to-God, truth-telling legionary.  He’s a class act, a man of great humility, and one of the most courageous slayers of the banksters’ sacred cows I’ve ever met. If you haven’t visited his site, you’re missing out!


Not only does “the Doc” tirelessly work to inform as many as possible, about what’s really transpiring on the world scene, his retail bullion business, SDbullion.com, is one of the best, most-trusted, low-cost dealerships on the interwebz!  Bar none.  I use them, and often.  I highly suggest you keep him on your short list.



The incomparable, Mr. BrotherJohnF, has faithfully helped the vanguard of silver stackers to stay on their toes, throughout all the bullion bank circus tricks.  His superb analysis of the silver market, banking fraud, and the Great Ponzi, which most call the “World Monetary System”, has been of great benefit to this Watchman over the years.  I strongly believe, he’ll be of help to you, as well!



Turd Ferguson, the man, the myth, the legend….has been scouring the very heart of bullion bank disinfo and fraud, from along his Watchtower, with his cadre of faithful readers.  You won’t find a better community on the web for comparing notes on the end of the Great Keynesian Experiment!(Well, except for our Truth HQ, of course!) 🙂



Who is “Tyler Durden”?  This Watchman doesn’t know, and frankly doesn’t care!  These amazing guys are a daily must-read on my list!  Bookmark them, and know that the Western globalists had a good run, but sooner or later….on a long enough timeline, everyone’s survival rate drops to zero!