Marxists want to END our Right to Speak Freely!

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Freedom of Speech is under Attack!

SD Bullion

Hello brothers!  Recently I sat down with my good friend Louis from, and had a discussion about recent, critical events.  We discussed:

India’s revealed silver demand through the first 4 months of 2018, and WOW, are they huge!

Why silver demand will grow again in the U.S., due to economic prosperity…

Why banks are being forced to adopt cryptos, and why they will now come crawling to US to stay relevant in the new decentralized, crypto world…

The impressive, new U.S. GDP numbers, and the impact they’ll have for us going forward…

The free-speech tweet that Trump just sent out that will change the game, and help reign in the SJW-run social media platforms

The recent travesty of SGT losing(and thankfully regaining) his youtube channel, SGTReport…

How Twitter has shadowbanned my personal Twitter account, and what that means…

Why the Marxist Left is clamping down on our sacred freedom of speech, and more importantly, how we fight them to get it back!

All this and more is covered in our latest discussion.


SD Bullion


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