Let’s Give Thanks for this Most Precious Gift

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 Thanksgiving time

On Any Given Morning

Just imagine, a young lady waking up one morning, pouring herself a steaming cup of coffee, and stretching as she walks over to turn on her TV.  As she clicks her remote, she suddenly sees a disturbing image of the U.S. President on the screen(flanked by the Secretary of the Treasury, and the Federal Reserve Chairman) making an unscheduled speech….at 7 in the morning.

She tries to change the channel, but it seems to be on most stations, even non-news stations.

“Huh”, she mutters aloud.

At first she simply takes a sip, and doesn’t really pay it much mind, but as she sees the ticker scroll leftward at the bottom of the screen, she sits up and starts squinting her eyes, and reading intently:

“President has called for calm in financial markets.”

“Authorities try to stabilize currency and bond markets, ahead of Dow opening.”

“Dow futures down by 845 points.”  

“Dow futures now down by 885 points.”

“President has asked for patience as banks are to close for a brief period, before reopening again next Tuesday.”

“What?!  What on earth just happened?”, she asks.

She keeps listening, she keeps watching, glued to the screen, and she hears a good many things she doesn’t fully understand.  They keep mentioning weird words, like “gold”, and the phrase, “this is not a default”, and “our allies must trust us”.

None of it makes any sense.

She calls up her relatives, all her relatives, to see if anyone else knows what is happening, but most of them are just as lost as she is.  Finally, she reaches an uncle, who says something about a “summit held over the weekend”, and “China revaluing gold”, and “U.S. Bonds are selling off”, and “folks here are rushing to their banks to get their cash out”.

She drops the phone.

“The bank!”, she says aloud to no one, as she puts her gloves and coat on, and walks out the door….in her pajamas.

As she drives through town, she notices that every filling station is full, with dozens of cars waiting in a line out into the street, for a chance to put something into their car that will render it useful again.  She doesn’t stop though(thankfully, her tank is full), and keeps driving to her bank.  As she reaches the parking lot, her heart sinks as she sees a line at the door that is already several hundred people long, at 7:30 in the morning.

“I don’t understand!”, she says, as it begins to sink in, ” How did this happen?!”

 A Bit of Perspective

Watchman, I always knew you’d go full hyper!  That insane scenario would never happen here!

How soon we forget, that’s exactly what did nearly happen here, just 6 years ago.  Several of the largest banks on earth went down for the count, in quick succession with effortless ease, and members of the U.S. government were told, as a result, to pass a $700 billion bailout, or face the possibility of martial law in the United States.

I assure you, that the poor person in the story would’ve been me 6 years ago, had the daisy-chain of failures not been instantly halted.

It would’ve been me, and let’s be honest here: it would’ve been many of you too, my brothers.

Because of that, I’ve decided to write a very different post just hours before Thanksgiving(and to the shield brothers not here in the States, don’t worry, it still applies to you wherever you are). I do hope my comrades here will not find these musings boring.  I feel compelled to write this though, because the truth is that every one of us has been incredibly blessed with knowledge, with the will to act upon it, and most importantly, the precious time to do so.

It Almost Went Dark

I ponder these things, because I’m reminded of how truly fragile it all is.  As we came so close to the precipice, just 6 short years ago, in 2008, during the Bear/Lehman/AIG crisis.  Everything was hours from “going out”.

If you’ve watched this sobering 6 minute piece before, from Senator Kanjorski, then you know what was at stake.  If you haven’t watched it, then I suggest you do so.

The bankster-owned media can harp on about the global economy being a flourishing picture of health all they want to.

We know the unvarnished truth.

The global economic picture is not here:

Thanksgiving physical fitness

SD Bullion

It’s here:

Thanksgiving global economy

And has been for over half a decade!

The truth is that if you only look at the events, which we know must take place, it’s a delicate balance you must navigate.  Yes, it’s imperative to understand where we are, and where this grand story is going, but even more imperative to you and your loved ones at this point is: you must be very discerning in how best to delicately act with this knowledge.

I’ve asked myself a few burning questions, as I’ve written this piece, and I thought I’d share those questions with each of you. Be honest with yourselves too, about each one:

How many of us sitting here, reading this right now….were actually ready for what nearly happened in 2008?

This Watchman was not ready.

Imagine still having your life savings in a bank, or in mutual funds, or in the Nasdaq or Dow. Imagine having all your life’s work, all your savings, or all your inheritance trapped, and at the total mercy of the largest ponzi scheme in human history. That probably, aptly describes where most of us were.

How many of you had adequate silver or gold holdings in 2008?  

This Watchman only had a few paltry ounces to speak of.

Recall how many ounces you had, and for most of us, that number was a tiny fraction of what we’ve been blessed with right now. Imagine going into what’s coming, without that extra protection, without those redoubts, without those towers to fall back to!  

Or this one:

How many of you had even been given opportunity to piece together a solid, coherent worldview to under even understand what would’ve happened as it happened to you?

If TARP had not passed, and D-Day had arrived for the U.S. fiat dollar, the fractional reserve banking system, the OTC derivatives network, and for the global commerce that relies upon those things functioning as they have been….how many of us sitting here, would’ve even understood what was about to happen?

Not I.

SD Bullion

How many of us would’ve had no regrets, looking back on that event after it had passed, given the knowledge we’d had?

My brothers, I would not have been ready.  I was woefully unprepared on nearly all accounts, and I suspect that many others here were as well.

This Watchman would’ve been caught off guard, with precious little preparation for this coming, new world, with precious little “shiny” with which to shield my family, and most importantly, with precious little knowledge of the truth of why we’d all been thrust into a place we did not wish to go.

I would’ve had so very many regrets that I hadn’t positioned myself and my family as well as needed, in order to turn such a monstrous event into an opportunity.

I would’ve spent the rest of my life, just wishing for that one “take back” for the “Big One that got away”, the one that mattered most.

The chance to turn this:

Thanksgiving raining fire

Into this:

Thanksgiving raining gold


Gone, forever.

So, I’m extraordinarily thankful for those who came before me, who spent countless hours, patiently explaining what the Western Central/Bullion Banks have done to our world.  I owe them a great deal, and I’ve been inspired to take up the sword of truth, and put on this armor to do battle, because of their efforts!

The Ones We’ve Lost

We’ve all been given this precious gift of more time!  Time not just to be, to learn, and to act, but the time to behold many wondrous things!  This great financial Event that we’re inching toward, will be both terrifying, and beautiful!

Like the labor pains of a new mother, the world is convulsing, as it struggles to bring forth a new birth of freedom!

We will be given a fresh start in many ways, but in all of this, I can’t help but think of all the Warriors among us, who didn’t live to see it.

Folks like Adrian Douglas, a founding member of GATA, from olden times, whose tireless work on behalf of truth in the financial and monetary system was of great benefit to me.  He will sadly not be here to celebrate that long-awaited gold and silver price liberation, that he fought so bravely to make possible.

I’m reminded of Bob Chapman, who fought this fight for decades, and passed away before the curtain could be lifted on the Western market riggers!

I also recall a personal friend, “Jean”, who just passed away from lung cancer.  She was an avid reader of the things we hold dear at this Truth HQ.  Oh, if you could’ve been a fly on the wall to hear one of our conversations!  She knew so much, had so much wisdom, and yet bottled so much of it inside!  Only a very few ever knew what she was really thinking about these things. She was called from this world, just a stone’s throw away from the Money Masters’ Dethroning ceremony, something she eagerly anticipated!

So many who longed to see what we’re witnessing, are no longer with us.

They are gone, but you and I are still here!  So don’t take any of it for granted, brothers!

We are all standing on the shoulders of giants, in this struggle.  Being here, and being part of this fight is one of the greatest honors of my life, and there is still so much work to be done.  In the meantime though, let’s temper our fervor for the truth, with mercy and love for those around us, who don’t quite “get it” yet.


Whether you realize it or not, that stubborn friend or family member you’ve approached, and talked to about all these things, that one person who causes you to involuntarily roll your eyes whenever you think of them, the one who you think will never “get it”, will literally have no choice but to “get it” someday soon.

One fateful day, when a sad scenario, perhaps much like the one laid out at the beginning of this missive, takes place, you’re suddenly going to become the most popular person in your family.

That is coming.

They’ll remember all those “crazy rantings” of “Jim”, or “Susan”, and they’ll all pick up the phone, and call you, in sheer panic.

Hear me now: when that happens, you must resist all temptations for any “I told you so’s”.

It won’t be a time to respond with childishness such as that!

Rather, give them grace!  

They will have just lost so much!  Give them mercy, give them grace, give them light, give them all the knowledge they need(what little you may possess). Pour everything of yourself out upon them that you possibly can.

For, as we’ve already seen, that clueless person at the story’s beginning, that clueless, scared person calling on the phone…..

Could’ve easily been you or me, and perhaps it should’ve been, but Someone gave us grace, too.

Speak humbly and kindly to them, knowing that fortunes could’ve easily, easily been reversed.

Love that person that “gets on your last nerve”.  Love them enough to be what they need in that hour, and for now, please just be thankful for another normal Thanksgiving with them.  It is more precious than any of us truly understand.

For heaven’s sake don’t look down upon them, don’t resent them, don’t even take this moment to preach to them about their need to act.  Just, maybe stack a few ounces on their behalf, and tell them how much they mean to you.

There are quite a few people in this Watchman’s life, that he wishes he could still tell that to.

You’ve still got that chance!

Seize it, and leave no room for regret!

I implore you to muster the courage to love them fully, holding nothing back, my brothers.

If  “enough”  is truly  “as good as a feast”, as they say, then simply let your loved ones feast upon the bounty of the genuine goodwill, which you bring to their doorstep.

I promise you, it will be enough.  

Happy Thanksgiving!



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