Is this How DC Plans to Stop the Turk-Stream Pipeline?

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Battle for the Balkans II

I’ve recently written about the likely offer from the Kremlin, to advance as much as $5 billion dollars to Greece for the transit fees, which would come from the new Turk Stream pipeline going through their country.  Now, whether or not this deal is ever tabled or accepted, it cannot “fix” Greece, and it cannot stop the default which must occur there.  Nevertheless, this proposition is creating alot of brouhaha, and it darn well should! This offer(not to mention the pipeline itself) would be a real gamechanger, not just for Greece, but for the balance of power in much of Eastern Europe.

This pipeline is such a brilliant “run-around”, that it threatens all the work that DC has conspired to bring about in Ukraine.  After all….if this thing is constructed, then Ukraine will be by-passed, and basically become an afterthought in the energy transit wars.  It will also instantly give Moscow a much broader sphere of influence within greater Europe.  This is a huge headache for DC, for remember: billions of dollars have been funneled into Ukraine, to bring about “the best coup that money can buy”(not to mention tens of billions in further IMF loans)!

At first the new, blossoming Greek/Russian alliance was publicly ignored by Washington, but as time has gone by, they’ve grown increasingly more concernedIn fact, one lady in particular was less than pleased to hear about Moscow’s recent offer to Greece:

Balkans 4

“Oh, good Lord, not her, Watchman!”

Yeeeeees, my friends, I’m afraid the ‘Killer of Kiev’, Victoria Nuland, seems to be sharpening her talons again.

Victoria Goes to Athens

SD Bullion

For those who weren’t taking this Russian/Greek alliance seriously, take note: this woman is.  In fact, she just recently got back from visiting Mr. Tsipras and the new Greek government just a few, short weeks ago.

Balkans 1

The official agenda of the meeting?  Why, to help the poor, insolvent Greeks with their debt problem of course!  Get a load of these lines from the US Embassy in Athens, regarding that meeting:

“Assistant Secretary Nuland noted that the United States wants to see Greece emerge from its economic crisis stronger and more stable.  She stressed that the United States wants to see prosperity and growth in Greece, and to see Greece “able to make a good deal with the institutions.”

Brothers, if you think that the power-brokers in DC were there out of the goodness of their hearts, to help the Hellenes out of their solvency problem, you’re not seeing this rightly.  The real reason for the visit was about Greece’s relationship with Russia.  Read on:

“During her visit she also discussed security and defense issues, Ukraine…and energy issues.  On the crisis in Ukraine, Assistant Secretary Nuland said that the United States and the European Union have had to impose sanctions on Russia because of the increasing rounds of aggression in eastern Ukraine.”

Make no mistake, that after Syriza has, in a few short months:

Questioned EU sanctions on Russia, and tried to soften their blow…

Openly talked of setting up military bases for Russia within Greek lands…

Spoken of acquiring Russian S-300 missiles from Moscow…

Has even been offered to join the BRICS Development Bank!…

Greece is now squarely in the sights of Nuland and DC at this very moment.

But all those points above(and all the gnashing of Nuland’s teeth) is about this one picture below:

Greek debt 2

The “Turk-Stream” pipeline is closer than ever to becoming a reality, and that is a project that Washington, and Nuland particularly, is dead-set on stopping.

Now, so far anyway, the Greek government doesn’t seem to be stepping back from its friendship with Moscow.  It seems Victoria Nuland made provisions for them, and has been “making hay” in other countries for some time, as a possible trump card in this whole scenario.

Trouble in Macedonia

Have you ever noticed how when a country opposes the official, US agenda, that before too long, they suddenly have severe problems with “governance” or “territorial issues”?  Isn’t it just the darnest thing that coups or terrorist groups(from ISIS to UCK) spring up like weeds wherever DC is opposed?

“UCK?  I’ve never heard of UCK, Watchman, what’s that?”

Ohhhh, my friend, UCK is basically a muslim, Albanian arm of the KLA(Kosovo Liberation Army) which is another member of a long string of DC-sponsored terror organizations.  It’s a hot topic in Europe right this minute, as they’ve been on the march in Macedonia in the last few weeks, and behind much of the new violence occurring there.  Here’s a few snippets about them from an article(which I urge you to read), on one of my favorite sources of geopolitical news, The Saker:

By now the majority here heard of clashes in Macedonia that started on evening of May 8th.  It started with reports of sightings of unknown group of some 50 armed men around Kumanovo… 

The exchange of fire lasted throughout the night and the whole 9th of May. Assault rifles, snipers, grenades as reported were some of weapons used by the said armed group. It simmered down a little through the night and then continued on the 10th again. 

Perpetrators are still an ‘unknown group’ according to most reports. Others report on UCK (KLA), some say it’s the Guard of Republic of Ilirida, some say a National Liberation Army. 

While media outlets in the region were very reluctant to say who are the perpetrators, Albanians in Vienna were little less shy, they gathered in front of Macedonian embassy and chanted: “UCK, UCK”


Veeerrry interesting, is it not?  

A renewed struggle for “freedom”, “liberation”, and all that jazz occurs right after DC just came out and flatly told Greece to back the heck off the Turk-Stream pipeline!

By the way, as that writer points out: do you see the US flag very prominently displayed in their rally in Vienna?  

That’s not happenstance, friend.  As that writer reminds us:

“Regardless of which one of these groups (or more of them) are responsible – Without Americans giving an ‘OK’ no Albanian armed group would lift a finger. This is absolutely crucial. They never did nor ever will act independently of US command.”

The Albanians have always been the “cell” within the heartland of Orthodoxy in Europe, that DC can activate whenever it wishes.  They’re rather like the Chechen terror cells, that Saudi Arabia basically commands, and gives orders to.

“Come on, Watchman! One picture of a US flag at a KLA(UCK) rally doesn’t mean that the US and the terror cells are tied at the hip!”

How about some more evidence then?(from the same article)

How about two pictures?

People walk near a statue of former President George W. Bush unveiled in the centre of the town of Fushe Kruje, some 22 kms (14 miles) from the capital Tirana July 6, 2011.  REUTERS/Arben Celi

July 6, 2011. REUTERS/Arben Celi

Or three?

Balkans 7


Balkans 9

Ohhhh, how about this one?

Balkans 11

I think you get the idea!

The muslim, terrorist cells in the Orthodox world(the kindling that Washington can light again to produce conflict whenever they wish) are threatening a greater, wider conflict than what has already transpired.  This is a snippet from a thug in the self-proclaimed “Guerrilla Republic of Illyrida” :

“Seeing increased tensions of the fascist monster state of FYROM(Macedonia), I’m seeking urgent that all comrades, and all Albanians who serve the state apparatus of the Slavo-Macedonians, quickly take off the uniforms of this country and fascist uniform slavomakedonski police camera that the blood of our sons washes the streets of our ethnic occupied territories…

SD Bullion

If you do not want to join us in our just cause, then we plead that you do get in our way, the revolution will begin soon, and that is why this is our last address, as all who wear the uniform of the slav.maked.policija army and their weapons will have treat like they’re the slavomakedonci (police, military).”

The Orthodox World knows who was behind the real dispossession of their lands in Serbia, during the Clinton years.  The real power behind NATO is truly DC, and the real power behind DC is really the banksters.

By the way, for anyone who thinks that this flaring of up violence in Macedonia is just coincidence, let me tell you that Victoria Nuland has made Macedonia a pet project for awhile now.  In fact, here she is with their Prime Minister, Nikola Gruevski, in July of 2014, dictating to them the “vision of integration” that DC has in mind for Macedonia on the Albanian question. 

Remember, when banksters and globalists(I repeat myself) use terms, those terms mean different things than when we use them.  “Vision for integration” is code for: dispossession of Macedonian lands and sovereignty, in favor of our puppet state, Albania.  Her visit there was to make sure their leadership was on board with their people’s future dispossession.

This, my friends, is a prime reason why the world currently hates and resents the US right now: there is no conflict, no policy, no point of interest, in which the oligarchy in Washington won’t dictate upon, to anyone at any time.

Balkans 12


This renewed conflict’s timing is just too much to be a coincidence.  Macedonia could very well be the next color revolution in the US empire’s rubix cube, to stop or at least slow down the progress being made on the “Turk Stream” project.  Do not be surprised to see this conflict spread and intensify if the countries there don’t play ball on the Turk-Stream question.

The Albanians have become DC’s and NATO’s perennial excuse for endless meddling and naked aggression in Orthodox Europe.  They are Washington’s favored muscle for injecting fear and terror into the indigenous, Christian populaces there. DC, one of the world’s biggest offenders in the area of ethnic cleansing(the many American Indian tribes, which were pushed off, and relegated to reservations), feels that somehow it has the right to dictate to others how they will solve their ethnic problems.

Shooting wars, with boots on the ground, are becoming increasingly unpopular(and expensive). DC is turning, more and more, to economic and proxy wars, to accomplish their devious policy goals. The KLA(UCK) seems to have been re-activated.  This is a most serious development that bears watching, and if these groups are truly given the “go-ahead” by DC, this situation could burn out of control.

Macedonia and Greece should work with Moscow to acquire those S-300 missile systems as soon as possible….lest they find themselves as the next Serbia: just another casualty in Washington’s despicable quest to keep their bloody claws buried in the world’s flesh just a little while longer.

Balkans 13

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