India’s HUGE Silver Stacking Will Help us Reach Escape Velocity

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United Against the Banksters

Greetings, shield brothers! Recently I sat down with my good friend, Louis, from, to talk about a great many things.  Among the topics we covered were:

Silver! How we got into this price funk, and what can break us out of it!

How India has made the silver rigging a dangerous game, and how much their stacking has increased again lately(Hint: ALOT!)…

The key, technical price level that silver stackers should be watching keenly, before getting excited about a breakout…

Why Stackers & HODL’ers should be UNITED in the fight against our globalist enemies…and why it’s the best way we can break free from the banksters…

The soul-searching question every stacker must ask themselves(the answer is different for everyone)…

Why I love both precious metals AND cryptos, and why no one has to choose one or the other

Why I finally decided to gain exposure to cryptos along with my silver(and why I’ve never regretted it)…

All this, and much more, is covered by Louis and I in this podcast.  I encourage you to take a listen.


The best way forward for all enemies of the globalists, is to remember that these banking monsters are the enemies of us all.  We need each other in this struggle, and we must help each other take these financial demons down….by any means we can.


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