Indian 2015 Silver Demand in One Word: GARGANTUAN!

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India Silver 2015 1

India is Stacking Silver like Gangbusters!

Friends, this week, we take a renewed look at the fresh silver demand figures coming out of India…

SD Bullion

Now, India has been setting records in silver buying since 2013, and this year, they’ve not failed to disappoint to do so again.  We take a look at:

How high Indian silver demand is, through the month of November, 2015….

How high it will likely end 2015 with, once December is included…

What percentage of global silver production is now being sucked into India…

The disastrous Indian government policy, which ignited the spark in India’s silver-buying to begin with….

The percentage of Indian household wealth which now goes into gold-buying…

SD Bullion

Plus, we ask the key question, which I believe, will transform silver in India forever, and bring silver, and bring the banking cabal to their knees, permanently!

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