Hillary Campaign Rocked by Scandal & Terrorism, as New Media Continues its Onslaught!

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Terror in the Homeland

As if things couldn’t get any worse for Hillary Clinton!  Just days after trying to shake the video of her having a seizure and collapsing into her van, a whole litany of new scandals and events are rocking her campaign to its core.

We’ll go over several of those events in the update today, but first things first. I want to cover the topic that’s been dominating news stations, but from a very different angle: specifically on how millions are being “red-pilled” about the mainstream media’s true nature, as we speak.

MSM: An Orwellian Mouthpiece

Our readers here know that the entire mainstream media apparatus is owned by a handful of corporations, who are all in bed with globalism and international zionism. You must remember though, that most “normies” haven’t arrived there yet.  They haven’t had that initial “red-pilling” moment, that shakes alot of their day-to-day world assumptions, to their very core.

One of the brilliant side effects of the Trump campaign(like the Ron Paul campaign before it), has been the awakening of many more people to the fact that the media isn’t really a media. If we truly had a “free and open media”, I would defend it with my life.  The MSM, however, does not exist to report news:

The MSM exists to create narratives.

The MSM exists to reinforce false, prevailing biases.

The MSM exists as gatekeepers against “dangerous” thoughts for society at large.

Plain and simple.

Those who own the media use it as a weapon to mold, cultivate, and give life support, to false ideologies and assumptions. They use it to create perceptions in the populace, so that they can construct alternate realities, while the people are deluded with those perceptions.

“Uh, ok Watchman, but what alternate realities are you talking about?”

Good question!  Let’s start with this!


CNN’s Jake Tapper Edits out Hillary Clinton’s ‘Bombings’ Remark

This was a detestable, flagrant double standard, and the very definition of MSM bias used to shape perception, rather than present the news.  Hillary pontificating about “fear-mongering attitudes”, while using the very same word to describe the Islamic terror attacks that Trump did(with the media covering her back the entire time), left millions of people breathless.

Brothers, it was truly surreal after Ahmad Ramadi carried out those multiple bombings, and Dahir Adan went on a stabbing spree.  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t shocking sadly that those things happened: when you let in millions of Muslims and have an ‘open borders’ policy, those things will become normal life.

No, what was shocking was how the MSM literally went into convulsions, twisting and turning in every which way, to keep from calling them terror attacks or terrorism.  Take a look at this headline, and you’ll see what I mean.


New York City Blast Was ‘An Intentional Act’

There you have it, friends!  Don’t be alarmed!  It had nothing to do with terror, it was simply an “intentional act”.  Their desperation gets worse though, read the first paragraphs of that Fortune article:

“An explosion rocked a crowded Manhattan neighborhood and injured 29 people, and a suspicious device discovered blocks away was safely removed early Sunday. Mayor Bill de Blasio ruled out any terror connections but called the blast an “intentional act.”

“Tonight, New York City experienced a very bad incident,” de Blasio said at a news conference near the scene in Chelsea. “We have no credible and specific threat at this moment.”

De Blasio tried to calm any fears among nervous New Yorkers, saying the explosion had no terrorist connection and wasn’t related to a pipe bomb explosion earlier Saturday in New Jersey that forced the cancellation of a charity run.”

Utterly unbelievable!

Lies, lies, lies!

How much more untruthful could you possibly get?

It DID turn out to be terror, it DID turn out to be a terrorist connection, and it WAS related to a pipe bomb explosion earlier Saturday in New Jersey.

Why did they do this?  It’s because they know BOTH of these terrorists were muslims who sought ‘refuge’ here, and the narrative for Clinton would be extremely bad, especially since it has now come out that she would like to increase Obama’s Muslim migrant immigration quotas here by 500%!

I’ve never, in my life, seen the entire MSM apparatus so blatantly, overtly, in the tank for a candidate, as they’ve been for Hillary Clinton.  

I believe that’s because, for the first time in my life, it actually MATTERS if one candidate wins, and not the other!

I’ve never seen George Soros, the Rothschild family, the Bilderberg Group, & the Bohemian Grove degenerates all as strongly united against someone, as they are against Donald Trump.  The globalists are literally betting their entire MSM apparatus on this Hillary gamble.

They’re willing to burn mainstream media’s credibility to the ground to stop Trump.  One look at this chart, and it’ll become very apparent that something wonderful is happening.


Brothers, I don’t know what you call that, but I call it: “Hope”.

For less than one third to put any faith in media institutions means that it is no longer a partisan thing.  Neither side trusts the MSM, and as this deep distrust becomes more ingrained, normal people will start looking harder for alternate news sources elsewhere.

That bodes well for the future, friends!

Still though, what happened next after those tragic, Islamic terror attacks, should encourage every truth-teller in this all-important information war….

The Reddit Connection: Power of Social Media

Now the momentum and news are quickly building around “Reddit’gate”, where as far back as 2014, Hillary Clinton, and one Mr. Paul Combetta(of “Platte River Networks), sought legal(and illegal) ways from Reddit users, to scrub incriminating and ’embarrassing’ emails from her soon-to-be-scrutinized servers!

Mr. Combetta(after being given federal immunity) was caught red-handed by a normal journalist/analyst known on Twitter simply as “Katica”.  As you can see below, she found a smoking gun, which proves Combetta sought ways to strip or replace a certain “VIP’s” address!

SD Bullion

Now this extraordinary find is leading to an actual Congressional panel investigation.

Think about it: the Feds did everything in their power to “bleachbit” the entire Hillary email saga…only for the “everyman” to come along and shine the light of truth on their crimes!

Now other departments have been given cover to go in and conduct more investigations.  All this is happening because folks just like you and I, are now fervently doing the jobs that James Comey and the FBI literally refused to do themselves.

This is a game changer, and is truly inspiring!


This election has thankfully highlighted several glaring problems in the West, one of which is the failed, suicidal nature of the ‘open borders’ mentality. Open borders ideology is a dangerous attack on the very heart of any country.  It puts misguided, neo-liberal ideology above the actual, physical security of the citizenry.  It values suicidal altruism over flesh and blood.

Years ago, Dr. Ron Paul wisely said that a country without borders is no country at all. He maintained that if a people didn’t maintain their own territorial integrity, they’d soon find themselves giving up their sovereignty, their liberty, and their safety.

After the triple terror attacks on September 17th, we’re reminded that once again, that Dr. Paul and older traditionalists as he, have been proven exactly right.

It is a treasonous mindset, and by the time this is all over, many of the “public servants” who lined their pockets with lobbyist money, to bring in cheap labor for globalist corporations, will face the peoples’ justice.  A country belongs to the people that inhabit it, and only those people should decide who joins their community.

Globalist (((George Soros))) has said that Europe(like America) faces two(false) choices: either open their borders to millions more Islamic migrants, or die.  Funny, that’s the same choices that these dapper chaps offered the European country above(who thankfully didn’t let them in)!

SD Bullion


There’s another amazing highlight to this election that many don’t yet understand though!

For the first time during an election, it is the common man driving the news narratives and stories, and not the MSM itself.  Through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media, scandals, which otherwise would’ve been ignored in previous elections, are dominating the headlines now.

The MSM is beside itself, as it’s learning it no longer has the power to be gatekeepers, and keep out these “harmful” narratives to the larger public.

They’re horrified at their own powerlessness. That’s a fantastic and beautiful thing to see.

This election isn’t just a war over politics, it’s a war over the future of media itself!  The “New Media” is raising itself over and above the regime’s stenographers. We are exposing globalists who are trying to steal, not just the election, but the freedom, sovereignty, and future of every nation state on earth.

We are proving how influential we’ve become, and that the old media is now as frail and untrusted as Sick Hillary herself.  Let that encourage you, and spur you on to more work in spreading the truth.

For if these last 2 months are any indication on how powerful we, as alternate media, have become, the next 7 weeks will be alot of fun.  Let’s double down, and finish the job. Let’s expose, and bring down, these wicked puppets and puppet masters together!


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