GUEST POST: Origins of a Silver Stacker

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Hello to all my shield brothers and sisters out there!  This is the Watchman.  I’ve asked several in our ranks to help contribute their own articles in my absence.  This first offering is by “the Solution”.  I hope you’ll take time to read, and be edified by, their thoughts.  I’ve read over their pieces, and think you’ll enjoy their experiences, and perspectives!  Remember though, these pieces are also theirs alone, and may not represent all the Watchman’s views in every particular.  I wish blessings, peace, and joy to you all, in Christ!    -WW

Origins of a Silver Stacker

It truly is an honor and a privilege to be a guest columnist on the rising-star website, aptly named the    As WW has stated in his column, “Let me humbly remind you, that you and I….are nobodies!“  So I said to myself, “ Self, what could you have to offer if you wrote something?” The most profound thing I think I could share with the community, is something that no one has heard before;  my silver stacking story.

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Opening my eyes to the matrix has been the most dramatic time of my 40 something years on this planet.  All that I thought I understood about money, value, and trust has been burned away in the last 4 years and has left me with eyes that hurt!


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Our current financial system demands blind obedience without any regard to it’s own fiduciary responsibility.  “Trust us”, the media says.  “Obey us”, the government demands.   TPTB want to hide behind the picture of dead presidents on its paper products to give the semblance of integrity.  I mean after all, George Washington, etc. on your currency should give you confidence, right?

Consider the fact that our society has been programmed to believe that this represents wealth:

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They are such experts at deception that you could honestly argue that having this stack pictured is a rarity, and therefore presents more value than not.   But… take a closer look and you will see a one to one correspondence with every family’s favorite board game:

Guest 4

Although I believe wholeheartedly that “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still,”  if you cannot see that the dollar is the greatest ponzi scheme that mankind has ever devised then I recommend that you do your due diligence.

So this takes me to my main topic for this debut article. I, like so many of the sheep that live in this country still known as America, had not a clue what wealth truly was, nor how to grow it, or maintain it.  In the early 2000’s, my wife and I had babies and we spent money happily because we liked to buy stuff !

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To own the latest and greatest meant a lot to me, regardless of the price I would pay.   And everyday, or just about everyday, a bank card offer came in the mail offering 0% interest for 24 months.  That meant we could just keep the revolving debt going, and keep buying what we wanted when we wanted it.  (Sound familiar?)

I know: a prescription for disaster.   But it worked! 🙂 … for several years I could keep up with the payments (sort of) and when the interest rate kicked in, I transferred the debt to a different card to keep the game going.  (Kinda like many sovereigns are now doing!)

Well, many years(and many more bad decisions) later, with a substantial level of unsecured debt that I held, I was led to seek new ways to supplement my income. I found an online commodity options course that involved some book study, video watching, and listening to daily commentary about market trends.

The host would alert members when the next put, or straddle, or call should be purchased…. It was very educational to me as far as options were concerned, but slow to none, as far as money making was concerned, at least for a few months.  But then, in Sept of 2010 the author announced purchasing an SLV call.  And I did.  And it made mad money fast!

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I had zero knowledge about the metal, but I knew I was making paper profits, so I bought another call and made more money. Soon I threw caution to the wind, ignored my investment guru and went all in on SLV calls.  By early November I owned 20 SLV 23 calls (deep in the money) with Jan 11 maturity date…. It was AWESOME ! ! !

I also, most importantly, bought my first roll of silver eagles. I arrived! I did it! I found the answer to my prayers!!!


Guest 7

I really didn’t know what to do, but watch it… And, of course, lose most of it in December 2010 🙁 , but at least I made the brokerage house a lot of money, as I traded in and out of positions!

At this point I have widely read the growing metals blogosphere and was fully convinced on the fundamentals of silver, so in January 2011, I called my brother and asked to borrow 800 bucks. I bought 5 April 11SLV30 calls and held on tightly… at the end of February this investment was rolling… I began to roll up into more “in the money” calls as the price rose, and by mid April I was approaching 20000 dollars!I actually had a one day gain (on paper) of over $7000… I couldn’t sleep… I kept seeing numbers ……. BIG numbers…..

I finally won at this game called life!!!

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Once again Emotions outweighed reason and….I owned a massive, leveraged position in SLV, and on May 1st ….

Guest 9

Thieves in the night struck!  The financial terrorists took up to ½ of my position in about 15 minutes.    

Some might say, “ You had it coming being so over-leveraged.”  I definitely had lessons that I needed to learn, no doubt about it, but excuse me if I take offense at such an opinion.   The CME, The CFTC and every government entity that turned a blind eye to this act of lawlessness, The Bilderbergs, 1% of 1%’ers in the world, and whoever else is complicit in this crime, DOES NOT have the right to steal my wealth. Period. Sorry.

So, at this point I am asking myself, “What are your investment choices?”

A) Keep your savings in a bank @ 0% or less?   Wow impressive gains there!  

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B) Keep it in a ETF or some other brokerage account such as MF Global?  Uh……

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C) Own gold and silver and risk being treated like a terrorist?   …   Maybe so but,

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I have decided that I would rather own gold and silver than submit to TPTB!  There is no returning to what was.  On May 1, 2011, an act of war was committed upon myself, my family and our prosperity.   There is no turning back!

The Die is Cast.  

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Perhaps you cannot relate to the game World of Warcraft, but the Orc’s sentiment is unmistakable.


SD Bullion


Once you have seen through the deception of this monetary system, regardless of the ups and downs of your past investment experiences, you have to be part of The Solution!   It is a public service, a privilege, and honestly, an obligation to spread the word to those around you that still live in the dark.

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I would love to hear the stories of where you were financially or otherwise, when your eyes were opened to this grand fiat scheme we call the dollar.  Would you be willing to share your story with fellow shield brothers?   I am sure WW would be appreciative to hear your origins in the silver community also!

Until we chat again.  Keep fighting the good fight!

SD Bullion


–  The Solution