Globalist Desperation Leads to Sabotage on the World Stage

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Folks, I’ll admit that sometimes it seems that some are quick to call every single act of violence in our world a false flag.  It’s true that governments do frame people, organizations, and nations for selfish, wicked motives: false flags happen. Likewise, sometimes evil individuals simply act out upon their evil worldviews to harm others.  It happens, alot.

However, what just occurred in Birstall, West Yorkshire raises too many eyebrows and questions, and the timing of this incident couldn’t possibly be more suspect.  By now, many of you know that Labor MP, Jo Cox, was assailed by a mentally disturbed man, in which she was both shot and stabbed. It was this next detail, that was splashed all over every UK news rag and tabloid, that really set my alarm bells off though:

Sabotage 4

“Allegedly the assailant yelled, “Britain First!” during the attack.”

Stop. Right. There.

You have absolutely got to be kidding me.

You’re going to look me straight in the face, and tell me, that within 1 week of the historic Brexit vote, where indigenous Britains are strongly(amazingly) backing the decision to leave the Eurozone, in every single poll available, that some guy just up and kills some pro-EU MP?

And then screeches “Britain First!”, like some comic book, super villain, leaving his calling card, right?

Of course he did! Sure. Why not?

Oh!  And then, throw in the rumors of the possibility of the Brexit vote being postponed/cancelled….and the farce is complete.

What will you give me, Globalist Media, if I’m a good little boy, and swallow this deliciously contrived story?  Along with my medicine?

Do I get a lollipop?  Do I get to stay up past my bed time?

Because, obviously, MSM, you believe that I, and all the rest of us, have the intelligence of a 6 year old child.  So as long as you’re gonna treat us that way, we might as well role play the hell outta this thing!

Honestly, the fact that some powerful people are this desperate should have you very concerned. Not simply about the Brexit vote, either.

You’ve gotta understand: this has serious implications for you and I, no matter where you live in the West.

“Watchman, why would globalists be desperate enough to do this?  And why does it have implications for me?”

Glad you asked.

Fragile Banking System

I’ve written several times on the utter fragility of the banking/currency system in Europe.  It’s been awhile since it’s received a serious shock. The last real shock was probably the Greek vote to reject more austerity, right before Merkel reminded them that they joined the EU, and thusly, have no sovereignty whatsoever.

This time though, things are different.  While it’s true that Great Britain doesn’t use the Euro currency, they’re still part of the Eurozone, and their economy is much larger than Greece’s.  It’s also now apparent, that if Britain goes, only France and Germany will be holding this thing together, and France now wants to shelf the whole EU project, through their nationalist party, “National Front”.

The problem for the scheming oligarchs is their money system is a teetering, 1000 floor, jenga tower on steroids!  Just look at this chart:

Sabotage 2

Europe’s banks are every bit as low as they were in the summer/fall of 2008 when Lehman/AIG/Bank of America/Bear Sterns nearly pulled them down a black hole.

SD Bullion

Remember though: this is occurring with equity markets nearly at an all time high, coupled with ‘stable’ countries with bond yields at all time lows!

Germany’s bonds just went negative.

These are “the good times”.  This is the atmosphere in which those major banks are selling for pennies for.

What do you think will happen to them, in a time of great political uncertainty?


Also, remember, that some major banks and countries, in line item, are doing even worse than that.

Sabotage 3

Imagine being down 99.99% in one decade!  That’s the largest bank in Greece…..and it’s literally a penny stock now.

Please recall that the official policy of the globalists since Lehman, is that no “too big to fail” will be allowed to fail.

That policy can’t and won’t be able to be upheld if markets receive a huge shock.  A Brexit would be just the kind of shock that would shake up those institutions, right proper.  There’s another reason though, why this killing should have you concerned.

Nationalism: the Threat to Globalism

Firstly, whether the Brexit vote is delayed or not, it doesn’t matter. That attack was carried out to paint every nationalist, ‘nativist’, or patriot who hates globalism, as a terrorist.  “Britain First” is a slogan, and also a patriotic political party in Great Britain.  I’ve watched their work for a long time.  They’re beginning to gain political traction and attention, and the fact that a majority of Britains are swinging in their direction, especially on the Brexit question, is very telling.

Each country in Europe is undergoing a huge surge in nationalist sentiment.  The EU establishment has proven itself to be traitors, with no soul, no conscience, and no identity, who are hell bent on a “United States of Europe”, no matter how much pain they inflict upon their citizens.

SD Bullion

They’re beginning to lose many major battles, so this political assassination in England is concerning, because it could mark the beginning of a new campaign against those of us in the “Olde Right”.

I hate to even type this, brothers, but I must…

Where else is an election about to be held, where the populace is swinging back away from globalist thought, and toward nationalism?

I’ll give you another hint….

Does anyone else recall hearing the phrase, “America First?”


You see, it could’ve just as easily been a “Trump supporter”, framed for such an attack.  I believe the globalists are going to likely go into an aggressive campaign to demonize any and all, who want to put their countries or peoples first.

I want to be wrong, I do, but I believe they’ll also likely try those tactics here in the states.

This is war: a war of worldviews, of competing visions for the future of humanity.  The globalists want to win this war, a war that they’re now on the cusp of losing, and most of them have no moral scruples whatsoever, in how they try to turn it around.  That puts us at a disadvantage, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We simply must become more doggedly determined in the face of such attacks. There is no other choice.


Globalism has no soul.  It only cares about power and money.

Peoples?  Races?  Nations?  Cultures?  Traditions?  Religions?

None of that matters to the banking oligarchs, or the families who run the international monetary system. None of it.  In fact, they see those things as enormous hindrances to power, hindrances to the “free flow of capital”.  They’d love for us all to be ‘rootless cosmopolitans’, with no homeland, no people, and no will to fight for what’s ours.

The good news though, is that their system is dead.  It’s been a dry kindling, looking for a spark.


The never-ending austerity(killing thousands in Greece)…the never-ending 3rd-world invasion of Europe(leading to loss of sovereignty and identity)..the never-ending subversion of Christian morality and freedom….

It has now found the spark!

The peoples of Europe and the US are realizing that the nation state, imperfect as it is, was always their best chance to lay claim on a decent future, as a people.

The globalists can try to delay elections, kill political leaders, or even paint nationalist patriots as evil pariahs, but it won’t stop what’s coming.  The tide is going out, and as it does, it will sweep them away for good.

The EU, and the banking system that owns it, are both dead men walking.  The EU doesn’t deserve to survive, and it won’t.  That doesn’t mean however, that this ugly beast won’t try to lash out, and take as many down with it, as it possibly can.

Game on.

Mentally prepare yourself for more dirty tricks, as we continue to “bring the fight to them”.

Sabotage 1


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