EU Panics: As Polls now Say that Chances of Brexit are a “Coin Toss”

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A display of U.K., Union Jack flags fly in front of The Houses of Parliament, in London, U.K., on Monday, Feb. 15, 2016. U.K. lawmakers are not the only ones bracing for a tough few months before Britain's referendum on its European Union membership. A gauge of expected volatility for the pound near the highest since 2011 shows traders are expecting a rough ride too. Photographer: Jason Alden/Bloomberg

Photographer: Jason Alden/Bloomberg

Battle for Brexit

As things continue to heat up here in the election primaries, things are likewise, really getting intense over in Europe.  From the massive islamic migrant invasion, to forced “migrant quotas”, to oppressive banking and financial demands, to a cratering economic situation, the peoples of Europe are quickly learning to hate this unfortunate, bankster experiment.

We all know that the EU was a globalist plot to undermine sovereign, nation-states in Europe, and attempt to impose a “United States of Europe upon the hapless peoples. In the last 6 months though, it appears the United Kingdom has gained a real shot at leaving the EU, and this headline now has some very powerful European oligarchs very nervous!

EU Referendum: Brexit campaign has the edge, says Telegraph poll

An EU official hangs the Union Jack next to the European Union flag at the VIP entrance at the European Commission headquarters in Brussels on Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2016. British Prime Minister David Cameron is visiting EU leaders two days ahead of a crucial EU summit. (AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert)

(AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert)

That’s right, according to recent polling, the growing number of British citizens now in favor of leaving the EU…has never been higher.

And who could blame them?

From the utterly botched handling of the EU Islamic “migrant crisis”, to the ongoing attempts at browbeating nations like Greece into fiscal submission, to the horrific foreign policy disasters(such as picking needless trade wars with Russia), Brussels and Berlin have done a bang up job of turning Europe into a trainwreck!

To many Britains, very concerned about losing their sovereignty, this whole question of leaving the EU has now become a matter of national pride and self-determination. A Brexit represents a glimmer of hope that the gruesome march toward greater European centralization(at their expense) could now be stopped.

“Well, Watchman, I guess that makes sense, but what would be different for them if Britain actually does pull off a Brexit? What powers would they be taking back?”

Excellent question, brother!

A Question of Sovereignty

Here’s a few considerations that would be materially different if the UK actually chose a Brexit in the upcoming referendum on June 23rd:

The European Communities Act-  In 1972, British parliament passed this bill which basically gave supremacy to EU law over UK law.  Since that time, unsurprisingly, the European Court of Justice(ECJ) has decided to give itself even more powers and supremacy in legal matters.

Legal scholars estimate that up to 17% of UK law now originates in Brussels and the ECJ, while another 50% are heavily influenced by Brussels! If Britain does vote for a Brexit, their own legal system and laws will take primacy once again in Great Britain, and the ECJ will be put out to pasture. Imagine, for a moment, if here in the States, the US Supreme Court was suddenly declared null and void by the States, and inferior to the decisions of State Supreme courts(Oh, happy day!).  Yes, it’s a big deal, and would be a big change for Britain.

Treaty of Lisbon- The awful Treaty of Lisbon, which was rejected by several countries(like Ireland), and then adopted anyway, allowed Brussels to stick its nose into vast swathes of the criminal justice system of the EU member states. Over 135 measures have thus far been greenlit by various European member states, allowing greater intrusions into the lives of normal Europeans.  Britain has opted in to roughly 35 of these measures, including Eurojust, Europol, and the controversial European Arrest Warrant (EUWA).

These are just a handful of literally hundreds of areas that Britain has ceded far too much authority to the ECJ and Brussels, and a Brexit would return legal and policy primacy to its own shores once again.

However, the recent phenomena of Britain starting to warm-up to the notion of a Brexit isn’t the most eye-raising news…for rumor has it, that another very powerful institution seems to favor a Brexit as well, and it’s raising eyebrows all over Europe.

Does She or Doesn’t She? 

Brexit 7

Last week, the UK Sun brought to light an “off the record” conversation, in which they claim, the Queen herself backs the idea of a Brexit, saying that the European Union was going in “a negative direction”.  Now, to all the British citizens who are shield brothers, yes, I understand that the Queen herself is lodging a complaint against that paper, and has since denied it. Over and over again, she’s said that she has “no opinion on the matter”, and that the Crown has always been “neutral” on these matters.

But…She has to do that, doesn’t she? Think about it: even if she did say that she favored a Brexit(in the strictest confidence), she’s not in the position to weigh in publicly, is she? That actually goes against her mandate as monarch.

Whatever else she may be, Queen Elizabeth is a human being, and I assure you, she does have a strong opinion on these things: she’s just not really supposed to make known those opinions to the electorate, in order to keep from swaying them one way or another.

I tend to agree with a recent analysis, that it’s plausible that she did so. If it’s true though, if she did say it, it means something very interesting to me(which I’ll get to in a moment).

Listen, none of us in the Truth HQ are naive here, we all know that the Royal Family is completely under “lock and key”. Though they have great power on paper, their hands are tied by the powers that truly run Britain: the banking powers in the City of London.  As long as the ruling monarch is subservient to those powers, that family gets to keep its properties, its titles, and its rituals.  However, the bankers have the Queen on a short leash.  The Queen and the bankers work hand in hand, and that’s a fact, but the real power behind the throne is “The City”, headed by the Lord Mayor.

Just take a look at this photo!

Brexit 5

That man in front of the Queen is the Lord Mayor of the City of London(the financial, incorporated square mile at the city’s heart).  Whenever the Queen visits “the City”, she is required to walk several paces behind him.  The symbolism in the ceremonies is clear: the Lord Mayor is the real monarch, and the Queen is a mere figurehead in the hallowed halls of international finance!

Take a look at Alan Yarrow, 687th Lord Mayor of the City of London. A real winner, that one! Here he stands, the true monarch, over above the fiery “Dragons” of the City’s logo, giving hearty approval of the “Sikh Regiment”.

Brexit 6

Yes, there’s usually a power behind the throne. However, the Queen’s opinion likely being expressed in favor of a Brexit(on the heels of Boris Johnson, mayor of London proper) remains a big deal to me.


Because it suggests to me that the real oligarchy, the real ruling powers behind the throne are likely split about the question of a Brexit.

Now, why would I say that?

Well, for several fascinating reasons.

For instance, David Cameron just concluded a series of talks with European leaders, to try to arrange compromises, and new powers granted to Britain, in order to entice them to stay in the EU….

According to the BBC, one of those compromises is very telling:

Sovereignty – There is an explicit commitment that the UK will not be part of an “ever closer union” with other EU member states. This will be incorporated in an EU treaty change.

Now, why would the ruling elites care about that? Ah, because of another important promise Cameron just secured…read on!

Protection for the City of London – Safeguards for Britain’s large financial services industry to prevent eurozone regulations being imposed on it

Aha! Now we’re getting somewhere!

For centuries, the City(which I personally refer to as “The Dragon”), has been ‘untouchable’. No law passed in the UK affects it.  Now, the City has had to struggle for control and dominance with the over-reaching arm of Brussels.  There is a clear clashing of agendas, and visions.

SD Bullion

The truth is that if Great Britain pulled out of the disastrous EU project, it would totally secure the City’s “financial and legal independence”.  The City’s criminals would no longer have “pesky, continental upstarts”, trying to reign them under the power of other international financiers.

However, with this new compromise that Cameron has agreed to, it’s now possible that the City could keep its coveted position of unchecked, financial overlord of Britain, even if they stayed in.

I truly think there is dissention over what to do, and this latest headline from London seems to indicate the same:


Brexit: London Financial Sector Divided Over Risks Of EU Departure

As you can see, the split over which path gives the City the best perks and most supremacy is becoming more open for others to see. In the end, I believe the banksters will choose one path over another, but for now, there doesn’t seem to be a clear, unified preference in the oligarchy.

In any case, to me, it must come back to, and be about, the people.  Whichever choice offers more self determination for the peoples of Britain, even if it’s just a little more sovereignty, I believe British citizens would do well to approve it.

SD Bullion


The globalists are slowly losing control of the West, because they’re losing control of the narrative. In the United States, Donald Trump’s candidacy based on national populism continues to gain strength, and remind people that sovereignty and nationalism remain very potent tools in the fight against globalism. In Europe, country after country is rising up over the latest suicidal demand of Brussels: migrant quotas.

These things are tearing the EU apart….and it’s glorious!

The EU is the enemy of freedom, monetary choice, sovereignty, and identity for the peoples of Europe. The monetary union was only intended to weld greater control over the masses for the continental banking institutions, anyway.  While it’s true that the UK isn’t under the monetary union, they’d still gain greater control of their own political policies in key areas if they left the EU.

No one is under any delusions that a Brexit would give the British people the ideal freedom they need.  We all know that Westminster is under the power of the oppressive banking regime, led by banking dynasties like the Rothschild family, and based in the City of London.  That’s true, and must be considered.

However, the importance of a Brexit still cannot be overstated, for this reason:

Linear Centralization Myth: The aura of ‘inevitability’ of the whole EU project being unstoppable would be shattered forever.  Britain, a huge power on the European stage, would’ve succeeded where others had failed before.  For instance, we’ve all hoped for a Grexit, many times over, only to watch the banksters in Brussels win every time.  Europe’s people’s have waited for just one champion to lead the way in an exit from the EU, before following them…and Britain’s departure would fit the bill quite nicely, allowing other monetary members the real possibility of escape.

The pathway to freedom is fraught with personal responsibility, and it never ends.  The fight for greater liberty from oppression from the Anglo-Zionist banking cabal must be fought at every juncture.  Now and again, however, a real opportunity is offered to deal a sizeable blow to greater “bankster hegemony”.

Though the British people factor aren’t truly the concern of the banksters in London, nevertheless the Brexit vote, I believe, could still be an opportunity to claw back some actual self determination for the peoples of Britain.  It will not solve all of Britain’s problems, but it will give them a greater portion of sovereignty, and knock the EU down several pegs.

It may end up doing something else, which is quite unintended, too.  For freedom, even in small doses, is intoxicating, empowering, and highly contagious.  If the peoples of Britain can wrest their island from Brussels’ and Berlin’s financial control, they may then finally zone in on Westminster and…more importantly, the City of London itself, as their next targets for reform.

Don’t laugh off such suggestions, brothers.  If the latest nationalist and populist surges in the West teach us anything, it’s that the zephyr winds of history can change, very, very rapidly, and carry nations in a very different direction! What was once thought impossible, can quickly become “inevitable”, and that alone, should teach us to hope!

What about you folks? I would welcome a Brexit as a baby step to greater freedom. What say you?

Brexit 4

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