Deutsche Bank’s Meteoric Crash Draws Closer, as Markets Brace for Impact

post dateSeptember 30, 2016  •   post categoriesBRICS, China, City of London, Economy, Freedom, Manipulation, Russia, Silver & Gold, US Dollar  •   post comments number16 comments

Market Rumblings

Hello brothers, this week we take a look at the enormous market problems being caused by Deutsche Bank. We specifically talk about things like:

-The HUGE share price drop, and how low Deutsche’s share price has gone…

-Which troubled company is now worth more Deutsche Bank…

SD Bullion

-The amount of derivatives that Deutsche is involved with, and why no one can fix ultimately fix it…

-The number of hedge funds that have quickly started withdrawing their cash from Deutsche Bank, and why this announcement is a big deal…

-The 2nd largest German bank, which is also being hit hard by Deutsche’s contagion…

-The infamous European bankster who’s now denying Deutsche has any problems!

-The man who predicted the huge problems of Deutsche Bank YEARS ago!

SD Bullion



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