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post dateJuly 30, 2018  |   post categoriesBitcoin, BRICS, China, City of London, Cryptos, Economy, Freedom, Litecoin, Manipulation, Russia  |   post comments number1 comment Read more  >
Marxists want to END our Right to Speak Freely!

  Freedom of Speech is under Attack! Hello brothers!  Recently I sat down with my good friend Louis from Smaulgld.com, and had a discussion about recent, critical events.  We discussed: India’s revealed silver demand through the first 4 months of 2018, and WOW, are they huge! Why silver demand will grow again in the U.S., […]

WOW! This Country’s Gold Reserves Could Top Germany’s by 2024!

  Gold is Still Sought by Kings!   Hello brothers, on the docket today is a country that just won’t stop buying up gold, each and every month! We discuss: Who this country is, and how much gold they just bought in the month of April… How many tonnes of gold they’ve bought in the last […]

India’s HUGE Silver Stacking Will Help us Reach Escape Velocity

  United Against the Banksters Greetings, shield brothers! Recently I sat down with my good friend, Louis, from Smaulgld.com, to talk about a great many things.  Among the topics we covered were: Silver! How we got into this price funk, and what can break us out of it! How India has made the silver rigging a […]