Brussels Bombing Further Fractures EU, as Europeans Now in Full-On Survival Mode!

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The EU Won’t Survive

As each day passes, things spin more quickly out of control.  The past few weeks have seen some amazing things occur…things which I predicted, well in advance.

The reason I’m writing this piece though, is to offer real hope during these difficult times.  It’s easy to see the casualties of war, but it’s harder to see the future ramifications of what is happening as it happens.  Nevertheless, I wanna focus further on globalism, after my Brexit article last time. Specifically, I wanna speak to the newest catastrophe that’s on everyone’s mind, which is causing untold millions to reject globalism.

The Brussels Bombing

Six months ago, I wrote an article detailing why allowing the massive crowds of Islamic migrants to simply waltz across Europe was such a catastrophe. I warned that Europeans had become complacent, and that their treasonous elected officials were selling their own peoples out for some fake sense of obligation or guilt.  I said that no one could possibly know or vet over 1 million people who simply poured into Christian Europe so quickly. Since then sadly, I have been vindicated time and again.

The latest instance of the insanity of “open borders” in Europe, of course, being the Brussels bombing.

SD Bullion

Globalism 2

Yet another attack, has now been carried out by ISIS cells within the Old Continent.  This time, with over 100 dead and wounded, among the victims.  Europe is now quickly wising up to the real danger of open borders, and now comprehends what the failure to defend their civilizations and their peoples results in.

The real story here though, is how this is immediately serving to thankfully weaken the will and the momentum to further consolidate this hideous monster, known as the E.U.  The E.U. was never devised with the interests of the peoples of Europe in mind, but rather more for the benefit and power of the large banks, corporations, and monied interests in Europe itself.

Nationalism, which is simply a people’s immune system revolting against the sickness of globalism, is absolutely skyrocketing.  Just look at what happened in German elections!

German Voters’ Crushing Verdict on Open-door Migration

Globalism 4

Absolutely brutal early results for Merkel’s party, in several provinces have upset Merkel’s chances of clinging to power, as the upstart AfD party took a strong 2nd in southern Germany(just 4% behind Merkel’s party in some cases).  Just think: this party, which is now capturing 23 to 25% of the vote in some areas…was just formed 3 years ago!  Unreal!  Also, these results happened before the tragic Brussels bombing….the more these attacks occur, the higher the AfD, the National Front(in France), etc will shine in the polls.

Germans have had it! They feel as if their government cares less about them, than they do about total strangers whose new lives of luxury are being subsidized at their expense!  They feel that they’re being replaced by those strangers, and that their government is only too happy to give their safety and their only homeland away….for nothing.

They are absolutely right, of course.  Their government doesn’t care about ethnic Germans.

It’s not just in Germany though, that this Muslim migrant ‘open door’ policy is causing a healthy resurgence of identity and nationalism.  For another country has just rocked Brussels to its core, in a brilliant political move!

Hungary’s Defiance

I’ve written several times on the very impressive, nationalist Hungary, with its statesman leader, Victor Orban.

Globalism 5

Orban, who was imprisoned during the Hungarian resistance to Communist occupation, well knows the price of freedom.  He’s been on the front lines for it.  He has fought hard against bankster globalism, and befriended Putin and Russia, while rejecting the IMF and Brussels.

He had the foresight to build a razor wall, sealing the entire southern Hungarian border last summer, when the invasion of Europe began in earnest. Since then, his citizens have enjoyed relative safety, as compared in stark contrast, to the rest of Europe, which has experienced numerous horrors.

His newest move though, to stop the Brussels plan of forcing “Migrant Quotas” upon Hungary is brilliant:

Hungary to hold referendum on EU’s plan for migrant quotas

Why, simply hold a referendum!  Brussels says they love democracy, right?(wink wink)  Why not let the Magyar people decide by popular vote whether or not to accept Brussels’ quotas on how many migrants they’ll accept?

This puts it on the people(who will reject quotas), and hold him up as the people’s populist until his re-election.  Who could possibly object to each nation voting on the matter themselves? After all, self determination is contagious! Once a people starts governing their own matters and affairs, it catches like wildfire!

In fact, now Marine le Pen, the French nationalist leader of the National Front, has also quickly seized on the idea of referendums, and demands that France be allowed to vote on the proposal as well!

So many European nations are now insisting on referendums from everything to migrants, to even whether or not to stay in the failing, suicidal EU, that it has EU globalists clutching their pearls!

Europe warns of ‘referendum contagion’

The horror, brothers!

Imagine, Europe’s peoples actually insisting on voting, and determining their own laws and affairs, instead of Brussels!  Note how the writers above refer to the healthy desire for self-determination as “contagion”, as if it was Ebola, or some other communicable disease! 

In a sense, they’re somewhat right, though I’d more accurately coin it as a “wholesome antiseptic”: the only thing it will be killing, is multicultural, bankster globalism on the European continent.  

“Ah. Watchman, these are just a few isolated cases! Europe won’t stand up for itself, and the EU will continue to march forward all the same.”

Wrong, muchacho!

Just check out this newest proclamation of defiance from yet another huge EU member!

Poland Says Zero Migrants

Nationalism is soaring in Poland, where tens of thousands of Polish patriots marched recently, against the continued invasion of Europe.  The government there, after a great deal of negotiating, had tepidly agreed to only accepting between 5,000 to 7,000 migrants into Poland.

However, after the latest attacks in Brussels, that deal is now off! 

Poland Slams Door on Refugees

Globalism 6

Prime Minister Beata Szydło had this to say, in the aftermath of the attacks:

“I say very clearly that I see no possibility at this time of immigrants coming to Poland…Until procedures to verify the refugees are put in action, we cannot accept them,” Rafał Bochenek, a government spokesman, told reporters. “The priority of the government is the safety of Poles … We understand the previous government … signed commitments which bind our country. We cannot allow a situation in which events taking place in the countries of Western Europe are carried over to the territory of Poland.”

Glorious! Imagine: a government putting its own people first!  Such a thing has been unheard of until recently in Western countries.  Get used to seeing this, brothers! Nationalism and populism is sweeping both Europe and the US today(which again, explains the rise of Donald Trump).  This policy of closed-border treatment to migrants has the support of roughly 2/3 of Poland.

Like Hungary, Poland is “based”: they don’t care what others think, they’re going to do what is in the best interest of their people, no matter what.  This mindset is now sweeping major central and western European countries, and is even beginning to go mainstream in the cucked Nordic world as well. Not a moment too soon, believe me.

The silver lining of these truly horrifying, tragic attacks…is that the European peoples are quickly relearning ancient lessons and truths, and remembering their courage to put their peoples’ interests and well being, far above globalist dictats!

SD Bullion


Sorry, EU bureacrats, I’ve got news for you: it’s OVER! Your dream of a soulless, bankster, United States of Europe is going down.  Country after country is finding their courage again, because this time….when dealing with unchecked mass immigration, it’s a matter of survival!

First the Paris attacks shocked the continent, caused a lockdown of many national borders, and supercharged the nationalist movements in Europe.

Then the mass sexual assaults in Cologne(and other major cities) on New Year’s Eve, further stoked the outrage, as many who opened their countries to Islamic migrants felt utterly betrayed.

Now, this Brussels bombing is a sign that if drastic action to deport and repatriate many hundreds of thousands of people, isn’t taken and soon, these(almost monthly) attacks will likely continue well into the future.

I’ve heard reports from some intelligence sources which say that ISIS, which claims to have over 5,000 operatives now freely patrolling Europe, does indeed have enough members there to carry out one suicide bombing per day, for 2 years straight! This is lunacy!

In the aftermath of Brussels, Merkel is now in danger of losing German elections to the upstart AfD(Alternative for Deutschland) party.  This party is a populist/nationalist party, which opposes mass immigration(which is nothing more than ethnic replacement of Germans).

Germany now understands: these migrants are invaders, and must be returned to their countries of origin, immediately.

The peoples of Germany, Belgium, France, Great Britain etc, are all being grossly taken advantage of, and jeopardized, by swarms of people who are crossing an entire continent, simply to cash in on lucrative welfare benefits. That’s a fact.

Merkel, being the good globalist she is, has continued with this insane policy, despite the measurable, deadly harm it has done to her people, and to Europe proper.  Thankfully, from Poland to Sweden, from Finland to Hungary, from Belgium to Germany…these policies, and the craven politicians who crafted them, are being utterly rejected.

Frau Merkel, your time of ignoring and despising your people is nearly at an end.  Deutschlanders will not allow their future to be crucified on a cross of cultural marxism, and fake “humanitarian obligations”. You and your legacy will be unilaterally removed, and that can’t happen soon enough!

To my shield brothers: Do you think the EU survives, and what do you think the peoples of Europe must do to safeguard their safety and their futures?

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