Banking Landscape on Fire, Dollar Tumbles, as Gold and Silver Sparkle

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Dollar 10

Banking Woes are Just Beginning

Hey brothers, this week we focus on the banking world, which is getting hit hard…we specifically discuss:

Two major banks whose share prices are now well under their worst print during the crash of 2008!

The CDS market, where some big money is starting to price in some very heavy banking risk!

The European bank, whose derivative bets are in the tens of trillions of dollars, yet is under severe stress…

The enormous, US Dollar puke-out this week, and how far and fast it fell…

The nice price action in silver and gold, in response to dollar and banking weakness….

The cautionary warning to stackers, that I wish we could all keep at the forefront of our minds…

SD Bullion

And lastly, I remind warriors of the key limitations of the banksters’ rigging power…and why they will fail!



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