Another Vital Chokepoint Just Slipped Through DC’s Fingers

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Chokepoint 6

DC Loses Another Fight

For years, Washington has experienced what is basically an exclusively domineering position on the world scene. Since the end of the second World War, the United States government has grown quite accustomed to imposing its will upon the lives of billions of people.  During that stretch of time, most world governments have basically rolled over, and played dead, no matter how egregious the intrusion into their sovereignty was.

Understand though, it wasn’t that these governments or peoples approved of the actions of DC, but because they literally had no other choice.  Think about it, what viable options did the rest of the world really have, confronted with a superpower(who owned nearly 10,000 tonnes of gold), and who’d just finished dropping not one, but two nuclear bombs on a previous competitor?

The unrivalled currency and military might of this DC hegemon, made it the perfect conduit for banksters, for seizing the world’s wealth.  Yet, in just the last few days, the world has gotten another serious wake-up call, that DC’s days as world hegemon are numbered…

The Latest Setback 

For this news just has hit the wire:

“South China Sea: Reclamation of ‘some islands, reefs’ on Spratly islands due for completion, China says”

Chokepoint 4


Yes, China has now all but finished the main island’s construction, for all intents and purposes. While this announcement has been met with more casual, clueless shrugs from most Westerners, it is a crucial moment, and DC knows it, too.

That’s precisely why they’ve upped their threats, and their spying near this tiny man-made construction.

“Watchman, I don’t get it, who cares about the Spratly Islands?  It’s just a buncha stingrays and conch shells!  Who cares what happens in some podunk coral reef?”

Oh, well actually, nobody of any real importance cares about them at all….

Except for Vietnam, that is!

And Taiwan,

The Philippines,



And of course, China.

In fact, all of these countries have laid claim historically, to one stretch of those islands or another. For those still wondering what the big deal is though, let’s take a look on a map, and briefly discuss some key points of interest.

The Larger Picture

First of all, as you can see, the Spratly Islands, contain many smaller pockets of islands, that are under contention for rightlful ownership. This entire “Spratly Enlargement” group of about 200 islands, stretches over an expanse of roughly 200,000 square miles.


Chokepoint 2

photo from Interaksyon

The Spratlys are just one group of islands within a larger geopolitical hotbed, and that hotbed has been the subject of increasingly intense flare-ups ever since the 1970’s.

Why?  Well, there are several major reasons.

For starters, the area is an incredibly unique biosphere, believed to contain some of the world’s best(and still unused) fishing areas.  Considering how poisoned much of the Pacific Ocean has become with literal islands of floating trash(not to mention, the rising cesium levels), one can understand why this subject is important.  Furthermore, when you consider how over-fished many areas have become due to governments(like Tokyo, for instance) offering far too many subsidies for fishers and fisheries, it makes newer, untapped fishing reserves only increase in importance.

Secondly however, and more importantly: this island region is also believed to contain vastly immense deposits of hydrocarbons, specifically, in the forms of oil and natural gas.  

How vast are we talking?

Chinese estimates have put the combined hydrocarbon reserves at roughly 17.7 billion tons!  To give you an idea of how immense that is, if true, that deposit would dwarf the oil and natural gas reserves of Kuwait(and I seem to remember some major powers going to war over Kuwait)!

The estimates of natural gas alone are said to be northwards of 100 billion cubic feet!  These figures mean that the potential reserves near the Spratlys, make this perhaps the 4th largest such deposit on earth.

“Ah, Watchman, I should’ve known: it’s all about the oil and gas! “

Well, that is a large part of it, but there’s another crucial reason why this passage in the South China Sea is utterly critical to all parties involved…

The Trade Angle

Remember, China is the largest manufacturer in the world, and has, until now, relied heavily on heavy freight supertankers to transport the largest share of their goods abroad.  The Spratly Island region happens to be smack dab in the middle of one of the world’s premiere shipping lanes.

In fact, more than half the world’s supertanker traffic actually flows through this region each year.  The trade traffic which passes through this humble region are no less than 5 times larger than which passes through the Panama canal!  It’s also estimated that roughly 25% of the earth’s crude oil passes through its corridors.  

This is why China is so concerned about constructing a land bridge from China to Europe, and is currently building what many are aptly calling, “The New Silk Road”, or “the Silk World Order”.  If the infrastructure is there, and the railroads, super-highways are far enough inland….then it renders the entire point of naval power obsolete.

Think about it: if DC cannot stop these rising powers from trading via land, their sea projection does little good.

Not that I’m taking China’s side(or any other country) here, as far as the legal right to occupy various islands, but you can now easily see why China would consider this Spratly chokepoint, to be a matter of national security itself: if the US cannot bottleneck the world’s(and China’s) premiere trading route in the short term, then China can safeguard their old trade lanes long enough, til the new, inland “Silk Roadway” is completed.

Perhaps the most disturbing part about all this though, is how selective the bankster media has been in the narrative they’ve painted for Western audiences, during this entire island’s construction.

For instance, do you know who even occupies the most islands in the Spratlys? Hint: it’s not China…

Running Tally

No sir.  For several other countries have also been building up defensive structures in this chain of islands, within the Kalayan Island Group.

Here’s a brief list of those powers who’ve occupied other islands(and have built military structures in some of them):

At the top of the list is Vietnam, with 23 territories occupied, in all!  

They’ve built massive installations, with state-of-the-art facilities, including an ever-increasing number of solar cell, energy panels and piers for docking.  Here’s a picture of just their installations in Namyit/Binago Island:

Chokepoint 5

photo from Interaksyon

Next in line, are the Phillipines, with 9 occupied territories!

Then, in a distant third, China and Malaysia are tied at 7 occupied territories.

Lastly, there is Taiwan, who has occupied 1 territory.

So, brothers, the question is….why China?  I mean, none of us have heard a peep from CNN, Faux News, NBC, etc about any of these other countries’ installations recently, right?

SD Bullion

I think this squib from Mike Whitney says it best:

“The vast build up of military assets in the Asia-Pacific signals a fundamental change in U.S. policy towards China. Washington no longer believes that China can be integrated into the existing US-led system. Recent actions taken by China– particularly the announcement that it planned to launch an Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) that would compete head-to-head with the World Bank and IMF— have set off alarms in the Capital where behind-the-scenes powerbrokers and think tank pundits agree that a more “robust” policy is needed to slow China’s ascendency. The current confrontation in the South China Sea…indicates that the new policy has already been activated…

SD Bullion

The Obama administration is merely using the Spratlys as a pretext to provoke, intimidate and harass Beijing. The Spratlys provide a justification for escalation, for building an anti-China coalition among US allies in the region, for demonizing China in the media, for taking steps to disrupt China’s ambitious Silk Roads economic strategy, and for encircling China to the West with US warships that threaten China’s access to critical shipping lanes and vital energy supplies.”

Wow, that sure sounds familiar, doesn’t it? If you were thinking that this sounds eerily similar to DC’s strategy with Russia, on issues like Ukraine or Syria, then you’d be correct.  They’re doing it for the exact same reason, too.

We all knew this day was coming: the day where DC would start to provoke and harass China, in the same manner it has harassed Russia.  DC has needed a suitable pretext to up the ante on Chinese ambitions though, and as far as they’re concerned, Spratly will work out quite nicely.

Yet, the completion of this island, coupled with the Chinese admission that they’d be willing to go to war over it, is an enormous blow to US prestige.  It also opens a doorway to further projection of Chinese power within the all-important trade route, that is so key to its economic interests.

However, this saga isn’t completely over with though: for if China wishes to keep US naval ambitions of close encirclement of its borders further at bay, they’d do well to finish any and all defensive installations intended for the island as soon as humanly possible.


For decades, the world has had to bide their time, and put up with things like the US invasion of the Middle East, or international spying on their citizens.  It wasn’t because they wanted to, but because they really had to.  The power of DC was unrivalled and almost unchallengeable.

Astonishingly, largely due to the muddled mess of the Financial Crisis, in just the last 7 years, this has all changed.  All of it:

From having to watch the gold market slowly being cornered by the far East…

To watching their dream of seizing Crimea slip away…

To being told “NO”, on Edward Snowden…

To being run out on a rail, by Japanese citizens of Okinawa…

To BRICS banking and SWIFT rivals popping up…

To the new “Suez canal” that China wishes to build in Nicaragua

And now this new Chinese military island, in the South China Sea….

The world hegemon, is being forced back on all fronts.  The critically-important chokepoints are being occupied by others.

We’re inching closer to the point where we will soon have to ask ourselves: has DC already become history’s latest failed empire?

It’s not happening as fast as we’d like sometimes, but any faster would actually risk the whole offensive failing at the pivotal moment.

There’s something else though, that this is all a reminder of.  Something that the Eastern Bloc should also remember:

Power isn’t static. Power is fluid. It ebbs, and it flows.  It comes, and it goes.  Doesn’t it?

If the Eurasian Bloc is successful at breaking Washington’s death grip on the world, they’d well to remember this.  After all, one day another power will arise over them, as well!  Power is fluid, and anyone who tries to lord it over others, will one day wake up to find that the harder they held onto it, the more it slipped away from them…

As grains of sand between their fingers..


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