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It’s a tough world out there, these days. I won’t sugar-coat it and pretend that it’s ever been anything else, that’s for sure, but all the same: if you think living and getting by today is harder than it was for our parents(or even for our grandparents for most of their lives), it’s not “just you”.

You’re not dreaming.

Life for Americans everywhere is getting worse.

“How?” you ask.  Let’s scout out the territory a bit on a few points of interest.  Feast your eyes on this:

US Real Disposable Income has been falling, and falling consistently for the last 12 years.  All this is happening, in fact, while student debt soars.

first graph
Today we stand at the lowest level for disposable income since the beginning of the new millennia.

second graph

Getting insured was hard enough before Obamacare became “law of the land”, but now?  Now millions more who had insurance have had it cancelled or been priced out of those plans due to the hilariously dubbed “Affordable Healthcare Act”.

Getting a job? Let me just put it to you this way: if you’re a college student, new college grad, or someone who’s just been laid off and is brushing up the ole resume. ..

God bless you!  Would you like a cigarette?  A last meal?  Perhaps a blindfold?

Just take a gander at this chart showing folks still participating in the labor force, courtesy of Zerohedge.

third graph

There ya go, Mr. and Mrs. America.  Forget all the BS, forget all the press conferences from President Obama, forget about excuses of “poor weather” messing with sales and consumer data, forget about the laughably manipulated jobs numbers they trot out every month.

This chart cuts through all the Orwellian stop-gap nonsense like a great “light saber of truth”.  In fact, it does so in a nice upward-cutting thrust, at a healthy 45 degree angle!  Beautiful form!

It’s very easy to make a number shrink each month(like the number of folks without gainful employment) if you just stop counting them once their benefits run dry, right?  Don’t believe the reports from CNBC, CNN, or even Fox if any of them, any of them, are telling you that things are getting better.  They’re either out to lunch, or out to eat your lunch.

Understand this:  every single press conference, every single “official figure”, every single government or Federal Reserve board factoid is carefully crafted, not to enlighten or convey truth, but to build a government narrative to persuade you.

And what might that narrative be?  That things are just dandy, that they have everything under control, that you should keep spending that hard-earned dough(that you probably no longer have), earned from that job market(that’s evaporating).  That you should keep paying those student loans on time(from that bar-tending or minimum wage job you got just to make ends meet).  That you should really consider taking out that home loan you just didn’t feel like you could afford, because, after all, real estate prices are fine! That you should go out and pour your cash into the HFT/Insider Info/Collusively-Rigged shark tank that we call “Wall Street”, because the financial crisis of 2008 is ancient history, and all the problems are solved!

I could go on and on, but I won’t.  None of that stuff they’re trying so desperately to convince you of is, in fact, true.  It’s all a patchwork of beautiful lies.  Do not be the sort of person Washington and Wall Street expect you to be.  That is, don’t let your inner desire to believe the rosiest picture, overwhelm your street sense, and your powers of rational thought.  If what they’re selling you looks, smells, and sounds like a lie….it is!  Don’t crowd out the inner voice within you that tells you to take the courageous path of a free thinker.  Take its advice: think for yourself! I’m here to show you the road signs, but only you can choose to make meaningful decisions and changes within your life once you’ve seen them.

One thing I promise to you, right here and now: I will never hose you with what I think you want to hear.  I’ll leave that to be the soulless politicians, snake-oil economists, and talk-show loudmouths.  I give you my sacred word, that I, the Wealth Watchman, will be your eyes and ears.  That I will faithfully strive to cut through the hype and the nonsense, from every arena, and bring you the unvarnished truth, however lovely or ugly it may be.  I promise to put my time and even my reputation on the line, so that you can have meaningful data with which to make your own personal, powerful financial and life decisions.  After all, the decisions we make are oftentimes only as good as the information we have.  Don’t base your decisions on the false intelligence that our common Washington/Wall Street enemies are giving you.  The “powers that be” don’t want you to be ‘awake’ to what’s going on.

But I do, more than anything.

If you’ll let me work to earn your trust(and keep it), then you’ve already given me the greatest honor you can imagine.  I will strive to be your vanguard, your ace in the hole, your tireless advocate, and your eyes and ears.

This I promise you.


The Wealth Watchman