A Warning from the Watchman

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Prepare Yourselves

I was going to finish the volcanic series today, but what we’ll likely face dead ahead, calls for an emergency post.  I’ve had such a strong foreboding feeling the last several days, that I feel I cannot ignore it. The last series had ended in a good place, anyway.

So I’m going to pen a warning instead.  What follows is a gut check, some tough love, and a call to arms!

There are some experts and gurus right now, who are astoundingly and cluelessly(after 3.5 years of calling wrong price bottoms) still telling you that long-term price bottoms are in for the metals.

Don’t listen to these people!

One man in particular said confidently, several days ago, that “$1,220 was now strong price support for gold”.  Amusingly, that number was breached and breached hard within a mere 48 hours!

I don’t believe we’ve seen the bottoms. I don’t know why these men never learn, but you must not heed them!  They will unwittingly steal your joy, and your peace, by continuing to write checks to you that they simply can’t cash.

Stackers are tired of the BS, they’re tired of being propped up by false promises of price rallies, only to crash hard along with prices, when the inevitable bank massacres occur.  What our community needs is someone who’s ready to tell cold, hard, uncomfortable truths about what our enemy is still capable of, and yet clearly frame the banks’ utter and unmistakable failure to dislodge our troops from our battle lines!

For the last week, this Watchman has felt that the short term price bottoms of $16.60 in silver, and $1,180 in gold would not hold, and lo and behold, here I sit writing on October 31st, and both of those lines have been violated.

Head Fake from the Bankers?

Several well-respected voices have now mentioned a deflationary scare that may lie ahead.  More recently, Turd Ferguson, has spent considerable time breaking down that possibility.  Now that Janet Yellen and the arch-counterfeiters have ended “QE’4evah”, the global markets are taking serious pause.  Big players have started going long in a big way in bonds, as well as the U.S. dollar.  Many of big players have already left the stock market, and the forces suspending it are mere fumes, and plunge protection team interventions.

Oil, base metals, and other commodities are taking some serious hits on the chin.  In particular, watch oil.  So far, it has managed to hold onto $80, but if it goes to $75 or lower, some real chaos could be ahead in key markets.  Some have made interesting cases that Saudi Arabia is engaging in economic warfare against Russia, by holding down prices for extended periods.  That is most assuredly possible, after all, they’ve done it before.

I’m not going to go into the specifics here about the metrics used to measure the deflationary scene. It’s still a little early to say that’s what will happen for certain, but I wanted to make every brother here aware of it, and how I’m preparing for such an event.

Precious Metal Attacks

If that deflationary scenario starts unfolding decisively, the banking cartel could use the cover to extract several pounds of flesh from gold and silver stackers!

I know what you’re thinking: they’ve taken enough flesh from me already!  You have to remember though, that they’re running out of gold and silver to deliver, this is the last, desperate act of these cornered, feral creatures!

Remember, the only thing that can truly stop the enemy from these assaults is running dry on deliverable metal.

Until that undeniably happens, do not underestimate where they can take comex prices!  Do not tell yourself, “they’re almost out of metal!”.

Hate to break it to you, but you’re not an insider, heck you’re not even a forklift driver hauling metals around in Comex-approved warehouses!  Nor can you prove whether the numbers they report are even entirely accurate.  You don’t know what they’ve got for certain, so do us all a favor and stop pretending you know things you simply don’t.

I believe the enemy is coming again in a big way, and telling yourself reassuring lies in the wake of his charge won’t save you, and won’t stop them.  Don’t do it!

Keys to Stay Focused

Here are some crucial pointers to keep in mind, brothers, if you’re to survive the carnage that may lie ahead:

You must not allow yourself to give counsel to voices who are telling you that rosier times are just around the corner!   Tune those people completely out.

You must not concentrate on price direction alone in the days ahead.

You must not go on vainly hoping that price direction might change at any second.

Most importantly, you must not go on believing in “strong price support”, it does not exist!

Questions not to Ask!

Brother do you want to feel like a helpless, whipped, and cowering sack of bones if these attacks come? Do you wish to feel as tiny as as a Teacup Poodle, when these people go “all in” against you?  Are you looking for a sure-fire way to eviscerate your confidence, and strike fear into yourself?

Well, then here are some superb, resolve-destroying questions to keep asking yourself as the HFT attacks rain down like arrows of fire.

“How low can this go?”

It can and will go as low as the banks wish to take it, while they still have something to deliver to those standing in line for it.  Mike Maloney has long, long warned of a possible “deflation scare” scenario, just before the central banks panic, and far over-stimulate(read hyperinflate) the world’s currencies.  In fact, he recently went on record saying that if this scenario unfolds, the silver to gold ratio, for a brief moment, could reach a mind-blowing 100 to 1!  That would be pure paper slaughter!  Here we sit at “only” 73 to 1.

“100 to 1, could they actually do that, Watchman?”

Believe it.

I’m not saying they will, I’m saying it’s possible, in a real, all-out, deflationary crash scenario.  All this to say, don’t ask that question, because it steals your focus(which you must keep), and puts it on spot prices, which you have zero control over.

Here’s another winner not to ask day to day:

“How much is my silver/gold worth now?”  

What a pointless question, brother!  Your silver and gold are timeless treasures, don’t measure their worth by some hourly or daily tick of the world’s reserve currency, which is sliding into history’s shredder as we speak!

Or this timeless classic:

“Where is the next line of “strong price support!?”

Repeat after me:  the enemy owns the chart, the enemy is the chart.  

Don’t go on believing in jackalopes, unicorns, strong price support, and other creatures of fancy!  If you believe that precious metals are suppressed, if you believe these banks rig and suppress these prices, then act like you believe it.

Now that they’ve broken both $1,180 and $16.60, they could throttle it, and throttle it hard.  Another $100 could come off gold in a blink, and another buck or two could be shaved off silver without breaking a sweat.  If you concentrate on the mirage of price support, you will be crushed when the prices are.

Here’s another soul-sucking question that’s best left to others:

“How long can this continue?”

That’s easy!  It can continue until it can’t!  It can’t the moment they don’t have metal to settle contracts with, and since neither you nor I know for a fact how many deliverable kilo and 400 ounce gold bars, or 1,000 ounce silver bars they actually have, we can’t answer that, can we?

Stop asking it!

Folks like smarmy Mr. Weaselly ‘Richer-than-you’ :

Jamie Dimon


And good ole’ “God’s Work” McJerkface:

Lloyd Blankstare

Want you, and all others like you, who candidly refuse to trust anything that comes out of their mouths…they want you financially disintegrated.  They’ll be seeking to ride high to record profits during this next, great market bloodbath, and they’ll seek to do it upon the crushed backs of every honest investor who ran for the hills.

Don’t give these common crooks what they want.  Don’t pitch your precious treasure onto the market for a song, simply due to some criminals behind commodity-trading prop desks!

Don’t give them that satisfaction!  Help wipe those grins from their mugs, and don’t cough up a single ounce!

Plant your feet, prepare to dodge the worst of their assaults, and give them one merciless counter-attack after another!


Questions to Strengthen Your Resolve

The enemy desperately needs you to focus on things you have zero control over, like price action, or the length of the smackdown, because they need you to feel rattled, to feel broken!

You cannot do that, brother! You’ll be financial roadkill in a nano-second!

Rather, immediately focus on the things that do you have great control over!

“Like what, Watchman?”

SD Bullion

Like yourself, for starters!  Remind yourself of why you’re doing this!  Are you stacking to make dollars, or are you stacking because you know that very soon U.S. dollars will be the ebola of the currency world?

Once you’ve asked that, and determined you’re doing this for the right reasons, here are a few questions to ask, which will reinforce your nerve!

“How many ounces can I buy at this price?”

That’s the spirit!  Calculate what you can afford to buy, and then decide if you want to fire it all back at these banks at once, or fire several blasts at different price points.

I intend on buying all.




But I also intend on doing it in the smartest way I can. I’m personally not going to fire all my dry powder at once, but I intend on picking price levels where I believe the value is undeniably compelling!

Here’s another great question to ask yourself:

“What’s the point where I’d most happily pull that trigger and go “all in” with what I have left?”

If your plan is to wait til the blood is so deep in the streets that everyone is paddling around in canoes just to keep from drowning in it, that’s fine, but you must already tell yourself where that price point is, and you must make criteria for pulling that trigger now.  If you don’t map out your plan today, and vow to stick to it, then you won’t have the guts to fire when the moment is perfect!  


If you ask stupid questions about things you either can’t possibly know or have control over, you’ll be playing right into their hands!  The BIS, the Federal Reserve, Jamie Dimon, Blankfein, Yellen, and all the rest of these cantankerous cretins, despise gold and silver investors, especially silver ones. They’d like nothing better than to crush you and harvest your financial organs!

Don’t play into their hands!  Don’t give them the satisfaction of abandoning your safe haven so close to crunch time!  Don’t even allow it to mess with your peace of mind.

Gird yourselves up, and bring the fight to them, during every attack, every blow, every waterfall!

In 2008, when JP Morgan took silver from $21 to $8….demand went up 100 million ounces, from 50 million to 150!

In 2013, when JP Morgan took silver from 28 to $18, demand went up 100 million ounces, from 150 million to nearly 250!

Can we do it again?  Can we all increase the planet’s silver stacking another 100 million ounces, from 250 million to 350 over the next calendar year?

You bet your sweet stacks of eagles, we can!

Resolve to stand and fight again, and together we will rout and destroy them in their arrogance!

This warning may prove to be a false alarm, but I don’t think so.  Either way, if those much lower prices never come, then it means they’re too low on metal stocks to continue hammering them.

However, you must remain steely-eyed, and determined.  You must do a gut check, and you must do it now!

Do you have real courage in your convictions?

Do you know why you’re holding gold and silver?

Are you ready to attack the enemy in a moment’s notice, should they attack you?

You must answer these questions now.  You must resolve to be even more gruesome and deadly than they are.

You must resolve not to give the bullion banks any quarter in these finals days of their advances.

You must stand as a giant oak tree, with roots planted deep beneath the earth.

Do not let these mind tricks dissuade you from what you know to be true.

It is times such as these, which separate the men from the boys, the heroes from the cowards.

There will be some in the precious metal space who throw up their hands, should these attacks come.  You will see some give up, and run for their lives.

But you’re not going to do that, are you?  

Each of the Shield Brothers here are made of stronger, more tempered steel, than many others I’ve seen.  I know this is true, because I’ve witnessed it.

Do this, and you will be a foe most formidable!  You will be unbeatable!  And you will be victorious!

The enemy is coming, they want to sift you like wheat!  Don’t give them any peace, and don’t give them any ground!

Steady as you go, men, and don’t fire…

Til you see the whites of their fangs!


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