3 Game Changers Trump has Brought Us(Without even Taking Office)!

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Trump’s Changed History in these 3 Key Areas

Hey brothers, today we take a look at 3 pivotal areas where Trump’s election has already made an enormous difference going forward. In fact, if nothing else Trump ever addressed actually was achieved, these issues alone have changed history.  Specifically we cover:

-2 major, globalist trade treaties that Trump’s election has already killed

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-A 3rd trade treaty that 2 countries are already calling to be renegotiated

-How Trump’s win has changed US foreign policy for the better already

-How years worth of Obama damage to US/Russian relations, has already been improved

-What Putin did to re-establish goodwill with the incoming Trump administration

-How Putin/Trump will fight ISIS and Syrian terrorism

-Why Trump’s win will fuel a tidal wave of nationalism across the Western world

-Which European nationalist elections will soon be helped thanks to Trump’s victory


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