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Archives from August 2016

post dateAugust 22, 2016  |   post categoriesBRICS, China, City of London, Economy, Freedom, Manipulation, Russia, Silver & Gold, US Dollar  |   post comments number27 comments Read more  >
EU Globalists are About to have their Doors KICKED Down!

   A Very Bad Year for Globalism 2016 is one of the worst years for the globalist agenda in decades.  Think about it: first Trump wrecked most of their US candidates, then Brexit tore the EU plutocrats a new orifice, and there’s still over 4 months left to go! Every time that globalism has been […]

This is What’s Caused Silver & Gold Buyers to Hold their Fire

  Holding The Line Since the rip-roaring good time that we stackers had in July, where silver soared from $17 to over $21, silver’s price has been taking a pause.  It has(so far) been correcting through time: spending extra time around certain price points, and grinding sideways, to digest it’s very sizeable gains from the […]