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Archives from October 2014

post dateOctober 31, 2014  |   post categoriesEconomy, Freedom, Silver & Gold, US Dollar  |   post comments number84 comments Read more  >
A Warning from the Watchman

    Prepare Yourselves I was going to finish the volcanic series today, but what we’ll likely face dead ahead, calls for an emergency post.  I’ve had such a strong foreboding feeling the last several days, that I feel I cannot ignore it. The last series had ended in a good place, anyway. So I’m going […]

post dateOctober 29, 2014  |   post categoriesBRICS, Economy, Freedom, Russia, Silver & Gold, US Dollar  |   post comments number15 comments Read more  >
Volcanic Eruption, Pt. 2: India & Eurasian Central Banks Tag Team the Western Bankers

Silver Eagle Sales Record In Sight! We’re about to finish off the month of October, which started off ridiculously strong, and has managed to finish the month strongly as well!  In the last 48 hours, another 425,000 silver eagles have been sold.  This boosts the monthly figure(with 3 business days left), to the 3rd highest month […]

post dateOctober 27, 2014  |   post categoriesBRICS, China, Russia, Silver & Gold, US Dollar  |   post comments number30 comments Read more  >
Volcanic Eruption of Gold and Silver Demand: Shanghai’s Blast

   The BRICS Just Don’t Stop Very recently, this Watchman wrote a series about world demand ramping up in precious metals. This is doubly true of Eastern demand.  Yet, unsurprisingly over the past few weeks, as the bullion banks have used a rising U.S. dollar as cover to knee-cap Comex spot prices repeatedly, Asia has stepped up […]

post dateOctober 24, 2014  |   post categoriesEconomy, Freedom, US Dollar  |   post comments number27 comments Read more  >
For Those Who Think Justice is Dead…

Not What It Seems I once heard a shield brother tell me an anecdote about his childhood. He asked me if I ever watched wrestling as a kid(I had, a few times), and then told me that he watched it religiously in his youth.  We’re not talking MMA here, ok?  We’re talking good-ole, “professional wrestling”.  His story […]

post dateOctober 20, 2014  |   post categoriesBRICS, Economy, Freedom, Russia, Silver & Gold, US Dollar  |   post comments number20 comments Read more  >
The Highly Amusing Western Strategy to Undermine Russia

Western Bankers vs. Eastern Alliance We’ve already taken a close look at the battle lines being drawn between East and West, between NATO and the SCO, between D.C/Brussels and the BRICS.  Not only are these lines not going away, they are being reinforced with each passing day.  The tension has grown worse, not better. It’s […]

post dateOctober 17, 2014  |   post categoriesFreedom, Silver & Gold, US Dollar  |   post comments number27 comments Read more  >
Silver Myths Smashed, Pt. 5: The 4 Little Letters Some Use to Dismiss Silver

Your Strength Gives me Strength As we finish up this Silver Myth-Smashing series, I’d like to say how I’ve been amazed over the past several weeks to hear so many personal accounts from folks who’ve been inspired to buy even more silver.  To read account after account from shield brothers, charging headlong into High-Frequency-Traded firestorms, and inflicting […]

post dateOctober 13, 2014  |   post categoriesFreedom, Manipulation, Silver & Gold  |   post comments number33 comments Read more  >
Silver Myths Smashed, Pt. 3: The Silliest Question You Could Possibly Ask about Silver

So Many Myths, So Little Time Do ya wanna know the hardest part of about writing a “Silver myth-Smashing series”?  It certainly hasn’t been figuring out how to dispense with the lies, that’s for sure! Silver lies are all brittle eggshells, just begging to be stomped on! No, the most difficult part is actually choosing which lie […]

post dateOctober 11, 2014  |   post categoriesFreedom, Silver & Gold  |   post comments number2 comments Read more  >
And the Winner of FREE Silver is….Updated!

The Winner Congratulations to “Bob” Kenneth in the United States, you are the new winner of the “Silver Peace Dollar Giveaway”!  Lady Liberty has smiled on you, friend.  She’s in the other room, packing her things, and preparing to meet you!(I think she’s excited) My brother, you now have 48 hours to respond to this message and inform […]