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Archives from September 2014

post dateSeptember 26, 2014  |   post categoriesBRICS, China, US Dollar  |   post comments number19 comments Read more  >
The Curious Item the Chinese Can’t get Enough of(It’s not what you think)

Most folks at our Truth HQ already know of the growing influence that “parts East” are exerting upon our world right now.  This, of course, is no accident, as their governments have planned for this for many years.  It’s also happening though, because of the laws of economics: when a nation produces a great deal more than […]

post dateSeptember 19, 2014  |   post categoriesEconomy, Silver & Gold, US Dollar  |   post comments number14 comments Read more  >
Mental Training, Part 2: What to do When Experts Tell You “The End is Near”

Next Stage of Mental Training There’s another crucial part to mentally preparing yourself for what lies ahead, if you’re to keep your sanity and peace during these price beat-downs in silver and gold.  Consider what’s about to follow just a dose of “tough love”, it may even be difficult for some to hear, but it […]

post dateSeptember 17, 2014  |   post categoriesEconomy, Freedom, Silver & Gold  |   post comments number15 comments Read more  >
Mental Training for the Fight: Concerning Price Action

Training for the Fight At the conclusion of my “Silver Noose” series, I encouraged all of you to hold the line, and play the hero.  It feels good to be the hero, doesn’t it?  The catch is that being one is seldom easy.  Especially in our case, when you consider the banks’ changing strategy for price management over […]

post dateSeptember 12, 2014  |   post categoriesEconomy, Freedom, Silver & Gold  |   post comments number7 comments Read more  >
Reason # 5 The Silver Noose is Tightening

  Trapped Like Rats As prices continue their descent for both gold and silver, I feel it’s more important than ever to keep a clear focus on the implications of this price action, not just for investors like us(which are obvious), but also for those trying to orchestrate it. It’s all a game of ounces […]

post dateSeptember 10, 2014  |   post categoriesEconomy, Freedom, Silver & Gold, US Dollar  |   post comments number4 comments Read more  >
Reason # 4 The Silver Noose Is Tightening

 An Affront to Justice Have you ever voted before? Now, I know your mind is probably going straight to a political ballot box when I ask that, but I’m not merely talking about a political vote. In fact, most votes aren’t political, are they?  There are shareholder votes, to determine new leaders and board members.  There […]

post dateSeptember 8, 2014  |   post categoriesEconomy, Manipulation, Silver & Gold  |   post comments number6 comments Read more  >
Reason # 3 The Silver Noose is Tightening

Where do I Sign? Imagine being invited to hear an early-morning business presentation, where a sizable company promised to show their plans to you and others, in the hopes of raising investment capital.  As you sit down in a comfy swivel chair, with a hot(free) beverage at arms’ length, a well dressed man, in a blue suit, comes through the door, and hits […]